Joanna Krupa Dishes On Season 3 Of RHOM!


The Real Housewives of Miami are currently filming their 3rd Season, and in a new interview with OK! Magazine, Joanna Krupa reveals the cast is in for changes in the new Season! First, Joanna’s fiancé, Romain Zago will be shown “full-on” and another RHOM and her fiancé will be tying the knot!

Joanna and Romain’s relationship was rocky in Season 2, but Joanna explains things are back on track now. “We are bi-costal. He is in Miami, I am in L.A. That’s where my work is, and for the last year or year and a half, I was kind of focused on my life and my projects,” Joanna explains. “I kind of neglected him in a way, and the fact that I had to be in Miami for three months at one time, a lot of things came out, you couldn’t avoid it. So, I think it really helped our relationship.”

Joanna is not ready to share her wedding plans with yet, she says, “I have but I’m not giving any details yet because someone else might want to steal my ideas — from the show.” We assume she’s talking about her RHOM co-star, Adriana de Moura. “Someone is getting married on the show as well,” she continues. “She is already married but you know she’s trying to make herself look good. So, she’s walking down the aisle, I don’t know why. You can look up Adriana. She’s been married since 2008 to Frederic.”

While Adriana’s rep says she and Frederic are not legally married, Joanna says it’s all so Adriana can get a storyline for the show. “Obviously, [Adrianna] wanted a story line for the show,” Joanna says.

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4 Replies to “Joanna Krupa Dishes On Season 3 Of RHOM!”

  1. Joanna should be more concerned about her bisexual boyfriend cheating on her than worrying about other peoples weddings.

  2. LOVE YOU JOANNA!!! I was team Joanna/Karent/Lisa last season. Not a fan of Marysol/Ana/Adriana at all. Adriana has a nasty personality, Ana can’t get over her ex, Marysol looks like Paris Hilton at 43… Lea is pretty damn awesome too!

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