Joanna Krupa Defends Herself On Twitter Against Adriana de Moura!

After last Thursday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Miami, Joanna Krupa is taking to Twitter to defend herself in her ongoing battle with cast mate, Adriana de Moura. While at the Black’s Annual Gala, Joanna was brought to tears between Joe Francis “bothering” her, and Adriana heckling her calling her, “super whore” and “super hooker.” Joanna’s friends Lisa Hochstein and Karent Sierra tried to tell her it would all be okay, but Joanna decided to leave the event.

After the episode aired, Joanna tweeted, “When I do something I stand up and admit to it not try to lie and weasle my way out. I was assaulted by a vicious woman. One thing I am is REAL and I don’t run away and make excuses for myself. If I am wrong I admit to it. I would never physically hurt a human.”

Joanna also retweeted some supportive tweets from fans. Some of them being: “you’re a SUPERMODEL. Adriana does not have class!” … “wow, Adriana is such an ugly person! Called Joanna a whore…really?! Showing no class!!!” … and “@joannakrupa is the hottest housewife, props to keepin it classy and not hitting donkey face Adrianna back.”

On the other side, Adriana tweeted the Watch What Happens Live poll results. The poll was, ‘Who do you think really started the fight?’ Viewers voted, Adriana 39%, and Joanna 61%. I have a feeling this feud won’t be ending anytime soon…

Tell Us- Whose side are you on?

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5 Replies to “Joanna Krupa Defends Herself On Twitter Against Adriana de Moura!”

  1. I’m Adriana all the way, for one she tried to walk amateur Joanna kept on so she must of wanted a fight. Two Joanna can’t be upset over the super who*e thing when she easy hit below the belt with the slum of Brazil comment. I believe Joanna needs a drug test.

  2. Are you kidding me? Joanna is so much more real and classy then the wannabe Adrianna!! She is so jealous of joanna and why wouldn’t she be.! Joanna is gorgeous and has a classy gorgeous man and has made her own money while Adrianna looks like @ss when the make up is off and is using this poor sucker ugly French man for his money so she is the superhooker using men for money! She’s even such a bully to karent. I wish I was on the show sink could tell that bitch Adrianna off and would love to see her try to slap me lol!! Get a job you classless wannabe loser!!!!

  3. Joanna isn’t classy at all! Adriana was walking away from a fight and Joanna grabbed her and hit her. She has no class at all! She started the fight she would be prepared to deal with the consequences of her actions period. She may be pretty on the outside but she sure is ugly on the inside!

  4. Paige your clueless and blind. Joanna went back after Adrianna simply to reply to her insult of joanna being a wannabe because Adrianna dropped the comment and ran like a coward, thd Adrianna turned around and hit joanna!!! Didn’t you see the demon look in her eyes when she did it and even tried to grab a broom or some kind if stick talhat someone was holding to try and hit joanna with! Or did you miss all that!

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