Joanna Krupa Calls Marysol Patton Pathetic, Marysol Responds


Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa is dishing about this week’s episode in a new interview with OK Magazine. Joanna reveals her love-hate relationship with Lisa Hochstein and has some pretty harsh words for Marysol Patton regarding her fight with Lea Black. Krupa says Marysol was planning the argument because her mother is the only thing that makes her relevant on the show.

OK!: So, you and Lisa—what was going on there in the beginning of the episode?!
Joanna Krupa: Well, Lisa and I have this love and hate relationship, so when we love each other it definitely gets out of hand. We definitely feel very comfortable around each other. That was a pretty big bottle of wine that we drank. We were having fun, we were buzzed, we didn’t think anything of it. But when Romain went upstairs, after Lisa left, he gave me so much sh*t. He felt it was disrespectful. I thought it was funny. Too bad for him. He’s over it now.

OK!: Did you get any advice from Lisa?
JK: Definitely not. But it was fun for the time being! It didn’t solve any issues of anything else. It’s a deeper thing between Romain and I, which came out later in the episode, with the therapist. ‘A’ for effort from Lisa.

OK!: How did it feel to watch Romain’s breakthrough again?
JK: It was great, that he opened up on a national TV show, so people can understand where he comes from. He had a hard childhood, he doesn’t make any excuses for where he came from. Watching the episode, that scene made me cry. When we first got to that session, he was getting really frustrated with Lisa, the sex therapist. He doesn’t like to talk about his past, especially to strangers. The more he talked about it, the more he dug deeper, he felt better about it. Every day is another day of trying to work at our relationship, but we’re both fighters.

OK!: What did you think of the Lea and Marysol explosion?
JK: I’m really proud of Lisa for finally stepping up and taking sides. I believe Marysol had plotted this for days, knowing the next time she was running into Lea, to make herself relevant. She’s trying to do everything in her power to stand out, so maybe she’ll be asked back. It’s pretty pathetic. The only thing she has, her storyline, is her mother. I know Lea, and I’m sure she wouldn’t lie.

Marysol took to Twitter to respond to Joanna’s comments in the interview, writing,  “I guess when your story/life is all fake you think everyone else’s is too.”


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    As a person of Polish descent you make me ashamed.

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    Bravo keep Elsa and get rid of her BORING daughter what’s her name!!!

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    JoHOnna is the pathetic one, no wonder romane is cold towards you, you portray a really pathetic sex craved maniac, seek help, professional help, the counselor your visiting with is not helping you.

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    I love Marysol. She has been the punching bag long enough.

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