Joanna Krupa, “Alexia Can Dish It Out But Not Take It!”

Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa is taking to her Bravo Blog to sound off on the drama that happened on The Real Housewives of Miami surrounding Karent’s relationship with Rodolfo. Joanna writes that she feels like Alexia shouldn’t have brought the article on their vacation, because if she truly cared about Karent, she wouldn’t have wanted to ruin her trip. Joanna also addresses the rumors about Alexia’s husband, Herman. Read more below!

Joanna writes, “I felt really bad for Karent, because it seems since the moment some of the girls have met her they were obsessed about Rodolfo. They should know that Miami especially is filled with people that just love to speak nonsense and start rumors. I have heard so many things about me and Romain that we just laugh it off and feel bad for the ones starting the rumors. We know who we are and know that people would love to break us up and see us miserable and not successful, but the more they try, the worse it is for them. It gives us the drive to work harder and become more successful.

Alexia should know better, since everyone knows Miami is filled with rumors. She shouldn’t even bother with Karent and Rodolfo, since it’s obvious that Karent doesn’t care what she has to say, but her obsession makes her keep talking about it. It was extremely obvious that Alexia was happy to show Karent the article about Rodolfo with some other woman. You can see it in her eyes when she told her about it. If she cared even a little about Karent, she would have left it behind in Miami and found a better time to bring it up — not on a trip that I have planned for everyone so that we can have a fun time and try to become closer. She could at least respect that and wait to bring it up to Karent without ruining the trip.

Alexia shouldn’t be upset about with me about the rumor relating to her husband. She can dish it out, but she can’t take it? I was just making a point. Plus I love gays. Tons of my friends are gay, so what’s the big deal?

Besides all the petty talk, jealousy, and gossip, I was very worried about Karent’s dad being sick and her inability to get to him. The weather was a disaster and all flights were cancelled. I am so glad that she finally got out of Bimini the next morning to be with her dad, because family is the most important thing in life — not all the rumors and stupidity. We live once and should enjoy every day to the fullest, because you never know if tomorrow will come. There is no reason for all this hate.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo