Did Joanna Krupa Have An Affair With Mohammed Hadid While He Was Married To Yolanda?


During the intense Real Housewives of Miami reunion, Adriana de Moura asked Joanna Krupa about the rumors she was responsible for ending Yolanda Foster’s marriage with Mohammed Hadid in 2002. Adriana claims that Brandi Glanville told her in New York that Yolanda confided in her that Joanna was the one who ended her marriage to Mohammed.

Joe Francis told RumorFix Yolanda caught her then husband, Mohammed, in bed with Krupa. Francis claims that Mohamed spotted Joanna while driving down Sunset Boulevard. Mohamed pulled over and gave Joanna his number, even though he was married to Yolanda. After meeting, the two allegedly had an affair for about a month.

And according to Francis, Yolanda caught Mohammed with Joanna “and that was the end of their marriage.” Joe says that Mohamed asked him “to take Joanna off my hands.” Joe explains, “Sometimes I would send a girl his way and he would send a girl my way.”

Joanna adamantly denies these claims and Yolanda’s people had no comment.

However, Brandi Glanville appeared on Watch What Happens Live after The Real Housewives of Miami reunion and she confirmed what Adriana alleged. “Joanna had sex with Mohammed,” Brandi reveals. “It was one of many affairs,” she said as she explained it wasn’t the “exact situation” that ended their marriage. “I was at a party with Yolanda and when Joanna started to walk up to us… we had to go,” Brandi said of Yolanda’s feelings regarding Krupa.

After Brandi’s claim, Mohammed tweeted Andy to share his thoughts. “Sadly I take responsibility 4 braking (sic) up our marriage. YO never even knew of JO. Jo and I have been only best friend for 10 years. Two years after separation.”


But Brandi sticks by Yolanda, saying, “That’s not what Mohammed told me.”

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  • linda in spring

    If Mohammed is being truthful then both Brandi and Yolanda are lying. And, why would Yolanda still work with this man, decorating his houses like the dutiful wife if she is still holding grudges on his ex-flangs. Why is she not mad/angry with Mohammed about their broken marriage. Yolanda obviously still wants to be with Mohammed and her husband is an afterthought. As we learned recently, she has misgivings that her current husband cares for her. Is that her signal to Mohammed she maybe available to him again.

    • RobinsonLG

      This is actually the truth, Yolanda works hand in hand with Mohamed because you have to re member this is a reality show and in a sense they are making and closing business deals by fixing and selling their 50+ million dollar homes. Yolanda is obviously benefiting from Mohamed’s success because she has kids with him. The affair is true, I had heard of it last season on RHOBH but they didn’t say the name. Editing of course.

  • Huh?????

    Hoanna is a horrible horrible human being, its almost as if she doesn’t have or feel compassion for another human being. I remember last season someone mentioned about Mohammad and yoyo’s split becuz of Hoanna & mohammads affair, if this is true, it just makes Hoannas rumors true about her lifestyle with all these men. Lisa knew Hoanna wasn’t her friend from the get go, Hoanna has a funny way of showing it. The girl is almost void of feelings, something def. happened to her to act this way, No human being, normal human being treats others in such disregard and cold like if everything us ok. Romain needs therapy but Hoanna is actually unconsciously begging needing it.

  • Ann

    Huh is your J key broken? JuJ wondering