Jo De La Rosa


Seasons 1-2

“I deserve only the best…I’m worth it.”

“He’s pretty much keeping me.”

Sign: Virgo

Jo De La Rosa was born in Lima, Peru and emigrated with her parents to Tustin, California at the age of three. In 1994, her parents won theCalifornia Lottery and moved the family to Mission Viejo. There she attended Mission Viejo High School where she was active in drama, cheer, and student body. She graduated from UC Irvine with a degree in English and Comparative Literature. She then started a career in the title insurance industry where she met Slade Smiley, who served as her entrance into the Coto lifestyle.

In Season 1, De La Rosa lived with Slade in his house behind the Coto gates. Included in her Coto family were his two sons from two different relationships, Gavin and Grayson. Slade is an executive in the title insurance industry and provided De La Rosa with the money and prestige of living the Coto lifestyle. He gave her a Mercedes sedan and a luxurious home and wanted De La Rosa, in turn, to be the conventional stay-at-home wife and mother. In De La Rosa’s words, “Slade is pretty much keeping me.” Despite having all of her financial needs taken care of, she still had trouble adjusting to the traditional housewife role.

In Season 2, De La Rosa decided to move out of Coto to take a position as the title representative for her company’s Beverly Hills territory. As a result, Slade ended their romantic relationship during a session with a relationship therapist, but becomes her unofficial “guide” on contract or business issues as she pursues a singing career. Another change to her Coto life during this season was that Slade’s younger son, Grayson, did not appear to live with De La Rosa and Slade.

De La Rosa was not included as a Season 3 cast member as she has moved to Los Angeles with a record contract from Immergent Records in tow and does not keep in touch with the other housewives. However, she makes cameo appearances at Keough’s backyard cocktail party on the Season 3 finale episode and the post-Season 3 reunion episode. She also appears in the Season 4 finale, along with several housewives from seasons past.

De La Rosa and Slade were apart of a spinoff on a dating reality show following her pursuit of love and a music career in Los Angeles. On July 12, 2008, their series, entitled, Date My Ex: Jo & Slade, premiered on Bravo. Before the spin-off premiered, Bravo aired a one episode special titled,Jo and Slade: The Break Up, on June 30, 2008 that recapped De La Rosa and Slade’s romantic history and previewed their forthcoming series.

De La Rosa released her first album, titled “Unscripted,” on August 19, 2008.

In Season 4, Rossi appears as an extra in De La Rosa’s first music video with Slade as the video’s producer. De La Rosa’s website once hinted at a sophomore album, but she has since confirmed that she is working steadily in the digital media industry.