Jim Marchese’s Relationship With The U.S. Attorney’s Office


Real Housewives of New Jersey husband Jim Marchese has made an impression on viewers, especially after he called Joe Gorga a “dumb f*ck” and stated that his relationship with the U.S. Attorney’s office made it difficult for him to be around Teresa and Joe Giudice while his wife was filming the show.

But according to a new report by Faux Reality Entertainment, Marchese didn’t lie about or fabricate his relationship with the U.S. Attorney’s office.

The site explains that in 2010, Marchese purchased interest in a mortgage company called Mortgage Now Inc. At the time of purchase, Jim was unaware that the U.S. Attorney had been investigating “massive fraudulent dealings within the mortgage industry dating back to 2008 that impacted Mortgage Now (Mortgage Now was named as a victim in the massive criminal case).”

Shortly after the investigation, the U.S. Attorney charged a litany of people with “mortgage fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy to commit murder, witness tampering, wire fraud and more in what may turn out to be one of the biggest mortgage fraud cases in New Jersey history.”

One of the Defendants and witnesses involved  in the investigation was a former employee of Mortgage Now.

“It was alleged, among other criminal activities, that as a result of a Grand Jury Subpoena served on Mortgage Now, Defendants conspired and did in fact take a witness to a wooded area in an attempt to shoot him.”

Faux Reality explains that as part of the State v. Ricks, et als., investigation, Marchese provided the U.S. Attorney with his knowledge of Mortgage Now’s operating procedure.

Based upon Marchese’s participation in the investigation, it was decided that it would be “reckless” for Jim to be in a social environment with Teresa or Joe Giudice for the the good of the Giudice and Marchese families.

Source: Faux Reality Entertainment
Photo Credit: Bravo