Jim Marchese Won’t Face Charges in Domestic Violence Case


Former RHONJ star Jim Marchese will not face domestic violence charges for an alleged altercation with his wife, TMZ is reporting.

Last month, Jim was arrested for allegedly arguing with Amber on a plane at LAX. But he tells TMZ that it was all just a big misunderstanding.

Sources close to the case tell the site that the L.A. City Attorney will conduct an informal office hearing where the couple will be counseled so this sort of thing doesn’t happen again.

No word yet on whether Marchese still plans to sue Virgin America, as he hinted he would.

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27 Replies to “Jim Marchese Won’t Face Charges in Domestic Violence Case”

    1. I was too Aunt Bee. But if Amber, the silly woman, says it was a mistake, shes on his side. I would love to see him TRY to sue Virgin Airlines!

  1. “Informal office hearing” and “the couple will be counselled so that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again” means that he’ll get his knuckles wrapped and he’ll be warned that if there is a next time, they’ll throw the book at him. She’ll be warned too that there will be ramifications if she doesn’t co-operate.

    He pretends he’s a tough guy, but he’ll be quaking in his boots at this hearing. As he should be.

  2. I know it won’t happen, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if Jim got to spend the night in a cell with bubba.

  3. Typical abusive husband with emotionally/physically abused wife who thinks it’s all her fault. He’s such a POS.

  4. I’m appalled by some of these comments listed by those who clearly have personal vendetta’s with or about Jim. Don’t be so daft people! Do you think for one second that if the DA had any evidence that a crime occurred there wouldn’t be charges? There would! I can assure you of that. The facts are, they didn’t because THIS did not happen. Give it up! You all sound so obtuse. I mean, if I was going to assault somebody, the very first place I’d do it is on a plane! Please don’t be so ignorant! You’re embarrassing yourselves.

    1. Thank you so much for getting us all back on the right track. DA’s regularly drop these things when the victim decides not to testify. If you took the time to read Amber’s version of the facts you will see that it strains credulity. But I will defer to your superior intellect.

    2. Intelligent people are appalled that this happened in the first place. It is your defending him that is appalling. The fact there is a hearing scheduled is proof of misconduct. If you don’t like our comments about a man abusing a woman, it speaks volumes about you.

  5. Sadly, yellow bean doesn’t know what she’s talking about. They don’t need Amber. The DA could care less about her testimony. She’s not in it anymore. It’s about evidence & facts. They have none. You all probably watch Law & Order and think that’s the way this all works. Suck it up air-holes. YOU WERE WRONG! It’d be nice if you could say it. Or at least stop looking so absurd. But carry on, there are a lot of people that find you amusing. PS Hate makes you age. That’s a scientific fact as well. Make those botox appointments, fast!

    1. Jim, seriously, Amber’s testimony would have been the most compelling evidence. Without it the case was a loser. I do in fact understand that the victims are not the litigants in criminal cases, but thank you for making the point. It would be great if there were enough resources in the justice system to allow participants to chase things down on principle like they do on TV. Unfortunately in the real world overworked and underpaid DA’s have to make choices, which means they don’t prosecute cases that they know they can’t win, regardless of the ultimate merits. Anyway, glad you are so amused. I really enjoy the way you express yourself!

      1. So, “the L.A. City Attorney will conduct an informal office hearing where the couple will be counseled so this sort of thing doesn’t happen again.” is just for shits and giggles. Maybe they’ll be serving cocktails and those little shrimp things.

        1. No I don’t think it’s for “shit and giggles”. I expect it’s because someone is seriously concerned for Amber and this is the best they can do since her story raises reasonable doubt. Who knows, this might be standard protocol in these cases.

          1. Sorry, Yellowbean. I agree with you 100%. My facetious comment was directed at “Laura”. They’re having an office hearing because nothing happened. See how ridiculous that sounds?

            1. Sorry, I missed your point. Anyway, Laura/Jim seems to have crawled back into its hole. If he thought we were opinionated he should check out the comments on RealityTea. No mercy on that board

    2. Laura, obviously we’re not sophisticated as you so you can be as uppity as you want. We are all intelligently hard working people who love each other. We are a family. Take your hatred and botox and find a group of superior people. Everyone here knows what they’re talking about. One thing you must remember is the higher up in society (or think you are) the farther the fall. Good luck to you and may your landing be soft. 😉

    3. If hate makes you age then we know why Jim Cheesy looks so bad as he hates everyone so thanks for that tip!

      1. Suze, you know what they say about short minded people, they try to use big and tall words to cover their undersized asses.

  6. Well said ladies (except Laura…). I do feel sorry for Amber though. It CANNOT be easy for her to blow the whistle on her husband. She feels a little obligated to him for standing by her during her breast cancer and he is probably reminding her of that minute by minute. He can always do the right thing and kill himself, like some abusive husbands have been known to do.

    1. Michelle, I love reading comments like yours. I thought Amber was being stupid to take his abuse. Reading what you wrote has changed the my feelings. I feel sorry for her. You got to heart of the matter and I thank you for your perspective because you made sense of it all. 😉

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