Jim Marchese Welcomes Lawsuit From Napolitano Family


Last week, twins Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano revealed that their family was contemplating suing Jim Marchese over allegations that their mother slept with Teresa’s husband Rino. Marchese insists he did not start the rumor and encourages the family to sue him so they will have to reveal their secrets in court!

“My mother is ready to have a lawsuit against Jim for slander,” Teresa told US Weekly on Wednesday.

Now, Jim tells RadarOnline, “I’m shocked and outraged by Santa’s slanderous remarks that I am the origin of the ‘Rino, Teresa and Santa love triangle!’ OK not really … This is exactly what I expect from someone [who] Rino bragged about sleeping with to Victoria Gotti, while trying to work his way into the family at the time Santa’s husband was in prison.”

“I would be disgusted if I could stop laughing!” he continued. “Seriously, who brags about having sex with their mother-law and tells people he had a painting of a stripper in is house? Did they not see the episode? Blaming or suing me will not change the video or the truth of what was said.”

“This action may cause me to require hospitalization,” he joked. “I keep falling off my chair when I consider having VIDEO DEPOSITIONS of SANTA, TWINS and RINO recounting what happened. First question? ‘Santa did you have sex with Rino?’”

“Then after deposing Rino, I will depose all of their friends and the countless millions who heard Victoria Gotti say, ‘Rino told me [Gotti] in a restaurant full of people… and he wasn’t kidding,’” Jim claimed. “I hope she does file, as the video-taped depositions will be worth millions!”

Jim insists he has absolutely nothing to do with the rumor.

“As you can see this is laughable,” he said. “Santa and Rino’s affair was public information via Victoria Gotti. I merely commented that in my opinion it is 90% true. Given the fact that they are not suing Victoria Gotti, I now believe it is 100% true.”

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9 Replies to “Jim Marchese Welcomes Lawsuit From Napolitano Family”

  1. I find Jim very sexy :)… though he should keep his mouth shut as this is still a housewives show, and some of these men obviously have way too much time or are just so freakin effeminate that they need to stir shit and crap with the rest of the girls.

    To be fair, I have not watched any of this seasons episodes, but nevertheless just shut your mouth and let the girls yap

    1. While I agree Jim exploded all over Twitter, he has a right to an opinion. He shouldn’t be the one sued over something Victoria Gotti said in the public eye. Sorry, I think the twins and their family is wrong in this case.

  2. I’m having a very hard time with these new people. Each episode is getting harder to watch. Except Dinas return. The twins are driving me nuts, Amber is way over the top dramatic, &a total kiss ads to Teresa G & forget about Jim. Rino is the only new one I like. I wish they would of Given Rosie and her sister Kathy Story lines instead of these other 3 Women. I really hope they revamp this cast for the next season.

  3. i find Jim sexy to..nothing quite does it for me than a man that will take it up the ass with big plastic dildo by the hands of his wife (wankers)…You might end up in hospital getting a giant dildo removed from your ass hahaha serious wanker! not from falling off chair laughing!!

    1. I am DYING LAUGHING here Lia!!! Lordy I love your sense of humor! Jim is nothing but a housewife wannabe! He’s done nothing but try to stir up more drama to make him and his drama queen wife seem relevant. From whining about having to film with Joe and Joe to Twitter wars with Dina. I think he just hasn’t come “out” yet. We would call his wife a “beard” where I’m from. I just don’t think anyone has the nerve to go back to the real source of the rumors…Ms. Gotti. They’re just too dang scared to confront HER about this. Someone on another blog said it well….they didn’t think that cement shoes would look very good with all their other designer labels.

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