Jim Marchese Talks Being The Villain On RHONJ


Jim Marchese, husband of Amber on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, has been labeled the show’s new villain. And while Jim admits that he can act like a douchebag, he is explaining why he did and said some of the things he did this season on the show.

“I am unfiltered. Clearly,” Jim says in a new interview with NJ.com.

When asked about why he told Dina Manzo and Teresa Giudice they were stupid at the First Responder’s party, he explain, “I knew I was going to get hammered, so I might as well say exactly what I’m thinking … This is a show. It’s entertainment,” Jim says.

Jim accepts that he has never had a problem being the bad guy and that includes catching a Real Housewife in a lie.

“They think they’re a protected species,” he quips. “I just love watching their faces when I say exactly what I’m thinking.”

“They all assumed because I wore a sweater vest and spoke properly for three months … they thought I was a sheep,” Jim says. “Behold a pale horse.”

Jim’s close friends claim that he is “misunderstood,” but that there’s no denying how much he loves is wife, Amber.

“I gotta tell you, Jimmy is completely in love with her. How he dotes on her and how he protects her is totally who he is, and that’s no B.S,” Jim’s childhood friend Jim Contreras says.

Jim describes meeting Amber as “love at first sight,” even though Amber was engaged to another man when they met. Jim pursued her until she called things off because he knew she was the one. “I’ve always had a very good feel for ladies,” he says.

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Photo Credit: Bravo