Jim Marchese Says Bravo Is Glorifying A Felon’s Life By Employing Teresa Giudice


Jim Marchese joined the cast of the Real Housewives of New Jersey last season with his wife Amber, and in a new interview Marchese says it’s time for Bravo to move forward with the show and fire Teresa Giudice.

“I don’t think she should be on the show any longer,” Marchese told the NY Daily News. “I think glorifying a felon’s life is counterproductive, and I don’t think it’s appropriate.”

Marchese added that if the network wants to keep Giudice for ratings, they should hire other convicted felons to appear on the show.

“I think we could have Bernie Madoff on the show, he has good name recognition also, and he’s done things and I’m sure there would be some curiosity,” he says. “It isn’t about seeing how individuals can work our system, rip off the American people, not pay taxes and then live a lifestyle that pretty much no one I know has.”

Known for his presence on Twitter, Jim has said that Teresa’s presence on the show “hurt ratings.”

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21 Replies to “Jim Marchese Says Bravo Is Glorifying A Felon’s Life By Employing Teresa Giudice”

  1. I have to say, he is right. Glorifying Teresa’s bad behavior is a slap in the face to those she ripped off and those who live an honest life.

  2. If Bravo glorifies Teresa, rewarding her yet again, it sends a very bad message. Clearly, she has no remorse for the crimes she committed, and others, like ourselves, are the ones paying for the taxes the Giudices didn’t pay, etc. it is one thing to represent the ultra wealthy on TV, but not when others suffered as a result of their breaking the laws to get that wealth that was never earned, but rather stolen from those that never were paid or by not paying taxes.I don’t feel sorry for Teresa. She knew what she did and feels above the law. We don’t owe her a thing. I won’t watch anything with her on it.

    1. Oh, shut up. That guy, the husband, has been a nagging, pious pussy since day one. Since when do we never forgive? I don’t believe she knew one thing and her conviction was the crime. She had to take some of the blame so Jo, who is the father of her kids, wouldn’t go down for as long. It didn’t work, like usual when a lawyer tells you something, but she stuck by her husband. Now, what does everyone expect her to do? Not have a job. I love Theresa and I hope they get rid of the twins, this guy here and his wife and Melissa and her other half. Get someone in there who will make it fun.

  3. Really? Madoff? Not even funny. What a ridiculous thing to say even if you are trying to prove a point. Do you ever think before you speak? And many many shows glorify criminals. TV shows put them out all the time. I agree Theresa should not be on RHW anymore but I also think you should be gone with her frankly.

    1. So, every social program that employs felons should be gone, too? For so many years Americans have been fighting to make our prisons healthy and treat felons humanely, but now that it’s someone who had money and fame, out with the old? Hypocrites.

  4. I hate to agree with anything that Jim Marchese says but unfortunately he is correct in his statement that Bravo should not continue to employ a convicted felon. By all appearances Teresa has no remorse except that she and her husband were caught.
    IMO Bravo should not continue employing a male crap stirring Drama Queen like Jim Marchese either. Get rid of both couples and class up the show a little.

  5. I agree, Teresa should not be on, this woman is still dilusional and has yet to admit any wrong doing. As far as Jim, he is no one to say that Teresa sholuld not be rewarded by staying on the show. This man did the most disgusting thing a human being can do, and that is to play with cancer patients. He lied about the benefits of a drug and had doctors administer the drug to cancer patients, he did this knowingly and like the little scammer that he is he becomes a whistleblower so that he is not indicted along with the company. He is worse than Teresa!

  6. I hate to say I agree with Jim Marchese, but he does make a great point. Bravo should not reward a unrepentant and frankly finger pointing felon with hundreds of thousands of dollars. I mean she even blamed RHONJ at one point for her woes! But, since Jim is on the subject, wasn’t he himself involved in some legal scandal at his work a few years back? So shouldn’t HE be forever barred from Bravo as well? And didn’t Amber engage in some sort of cyber-bullying? Was that ever prosecuted? I mean let’s play fair her Jimbo.

  7. Yes I agree with Jim. I think he has a good head on His shoulders. Bravo seems to lack integrity. Look at Brian Williams on NBC which owns Bravo.

  8. I may agree with Jim but he’s a douche bag. He tried to make ratings by being the biggest scum bag on the show. The way he talked down to the other ladies was disrespectful and annoying to watch. How about not having Jim or Teresa on the show…now that could work. Annoying little douche always running his mouth is as disgusting as Teresa.

  9. Ummm Bravo has not commented at all about the Giudices since the reunion, so I am wondering how they would be *glorifying* anything about them? As long as people like Jim keep bringing them up on the daily, they will continue to be *glorified* Best idea would be to *let it go* SHEEESH

  10. Jim is 110% right she is a convited felon. Bring the Marchase back, at least they are honest! FIRE THE GIUDICES AND THE GORGAS –melissa and Joe are next ones to go down. I would bet the FEDS are after them

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