Jim Marchese Doesn’t Hold Back on Thoughts of Teresa Guidice


In an Interview with RadarOnline, Jim Marchese let his voice be heard (again) about how he feels about Teresa Giudice.

Jim started by saying that “producers for the show are the ones who came up with the idea to have Amber call Teresa to talk about her criminal proceedings during the last season.”

“They asked her countless times to call Teresa about her criminal issues,” he claimed. Jim goes on to talk about how the producers wanted the Marchese’s to keep talking about the Giudices’ ongoing legal battles. “They wanted us to talk about it because they felt the viewing audience wouldn’t understand it and because of my training, I could explain it,” he said. “They would have [Amber] call, and us talk about it.”

“In truth, we could care less,” he said. “It has nothing to do us.”

Jim then had a little to say about how Andy Cohen is promoting felons by saying, “Andy is clearly endorsing Tre’s behavior as it [RHONJ: Teresa Checks In] was focused on Tre and the sympathetic issues surrounding her kids.”

Marchese didn’t like the fact that the show centered around her children and there reactions. “They were [shown] crying missing their mom and over-dramatized other hardships…” he added.

Jim wanted the show to talk about the aftermath of what happened because of there sentencing by saying, “Not one scene was dedicated to the people she stole from, how their lives have been hurt or the children of families victimized by their crimes.”

Interesting parting statements from Mr. Marchese. Let me know what you think. Comment Below.

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28 Replies to “Jim Marchese Doesn’t Hold Back on Thoughts of Teresa Guidice”

  1. Why are you still posting stories from this POS! (That’s now my favourite abbreviation) thanks whoever started it Lisa? He is disgusting, calling kids names I wouldn’t even use on an adult! Go away Jimbo, little squirt. You are not relevant now and weren’t when you were on the show. Go tell tales on someone else you have helped cheat and earn yourself more money.

    1. it is always easy, after a year and a half, to come up with the best possible spin. I believe exactly nothing this guy says. I honestly wonder where they get these housewives. I watch to see BEAUTIFUL people. He is so far from handsome or charming, and now he has become the worst kind of criminal and the worst kind of adult. Gag.

  2. Don’t care for Jim, but he does have some good point. Yes, leave the kids out of it with name calling, but sad that they were allowed to be filmed by their parents for quick buck on this sad situation. Still showed the “glam” side of things with flowers delivered, big party held, fancy dresses, etc….where is the reality of their consequences?

  3. Sad to see Amber and Jim go. Will miss them. They gave a different perspective to New Jersey Housewives. Like they’re not ALL sleazy.

  4. I wish some authorities would investigate Mr Marchese’s life. I hear he is not Mr. squeaky clean himself. There is definitely something very wrong with this publicity seeking “little man”.

  5. On a side note, I laughed while watching that scene with Amber calling Teresa in tears. Did Bravo tell her to cry fake tears and pretend she was Teresa’s best friend. Even when I re-watched that episode I still laughed. lol.

  6. I actually don’t think the girls were exploited at all. Since the first innocent days of the show, there has been a lot of press about their Mom. Since the prosecution and conviction they have heard and seen every horrible word written about their Mom and Dad. Gia is only going into High School this year. She is a child. She looks mature, as I did at 14, but she is a child still. Even if they were being sheltered they go to school and have phones and computers.
    They are speaking in the same arena in which they are being spoken about. The cyber world is the way it is now. Back when if there was an unflattering article in the paper we could write a letter to the editor to be published on the 17th page. The press and the public has been very unforgiving, and no matter what Theresa did, she is their MOM. They are now being given the opportunity to speak out in the same medium. And if they are getting a paycheck, it is being put into a trust, like with any child actor. They will have a nice college fund.

  7. Im sorry guys I cannot stand this guy but he is spot on about this. Im in complete agreement that the G’s are ONLY continuing to beg for a show cause they need the money to pay off debts. Funny thing the rest of us have to go to work everyday and actually work for our paychecks. why do they get treated differently? it is time for the both of them to go out and find jobs that can get them paying off their debt. People would have more respect for them if they did show that being on TV is not the most important thing. The kids seeing their parents working hard would allow them to say my parents are trying. I think people who want this madness to continue when tre comes out are ignorant to the fact that these kids are suffering. They are not only being exploited but they need a guardian at litem to make sure those kids interests are protected. Also a guardian will keep them out of the limelight and not allow their mother and father use them for sympathy and cash. THis is so sad. Jim your a big mouth know it all but on this subject your correct. It’s a couple of immature uneducated parents who only see $$$$$$$.

    1. Yes this is the view we want our country to have when we face things like happened in Pairs. Don’t narc on a criminal, terrorist because you will end up in the river and dead. Sorry I teach my kids stand up for what is right and obey the law.

        1. You said narcs and rats end up in the river…,you have said things like this before. Stating because he is a narc he deserves to be “taken care of” my point is this thought and view on life is not one that needs to be taught. If that’s what view you have of people helping law enforcement than you are just as guilty of crimes as the ones physically committing them. Killing someone (your words “end up in the river”) because they do what is right is the same mentality as what happened in Paris, or any other killing. It was very on topic to your asinine comment. Someone telling you they don’t like what you say or disagreeing doesn’t make them a Troll, saying stupid things like telling someone to “watch their back” like you approve of such actions does.

  8. I agree with all of you. He is an a&@hat but I also agree with what he said about the show and how it was skewed to feel sorry for a CRIMINAL!!! Someone who stole from millions of people and has never said I’m sorry. In fact joe was quoted saying “they throw loans at you, just fill it out….those were the old days what are ya gonna do”. So because a loan is harder to come by you won’t apply for one. Not you won’t apply for one because you had to lie to get them and then NOT pay them.

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