Jim Marchese Claims RHONJ is Fake


Former RHONJ cast member Jim Marchese is accusing Bravo and the producers of the show of faking and manipulating storylines to seem real, when in fact they are not.

“The Housewives, for me, it was completely fake,” he said in a new interview. “Like none of these people were ever really in my life. It was a very scripted show for me. Nothing was real, and so they were nothing more than actors that I worked with.”

“Viewers did not get a feel for who Amber and I are, what we’re about,” he told RadarOnline. “We’re actually kinda boring honestly. So they created things for us…all the times she had to cry about cancer, completely production invented. That was her I guess, the story they kinda foresaw.”

“I asked the producers to stop and really focus on who we were a hundred times,” he confessed. “We actually got in fights about it, and they made my wife do things.”

“She constantly called Teresa; she was forced to go to Long Island,” he said as an example. “She was never going to Long Island to meet with [Victoria] Gotti. That was never supposed to happen. Those were things that she was instructed to do. They pretended that my wife just showed up at Teresa [Giudice]’s book signing — no she was ordered to be there. That was a job. That was a completely production made event.”

“The producers 100 percent wrote my lines,” he revealed. “They would make me recut scenes four or five times because they didn’t like what I did. Everything from the idea of a pig roast was theirs — the Florida trip was theirs — to the reason I didn’t go bowling was theirs. It really wasn’t — there was nothing that was authentic in my world.”

“Most of the conversations weren’t even conversations we would normally have,” he added, noting that he had to rehearse telling Teresa Aprea that her husband Rino slept with her mom during their epic Boca Raton battle.

“I was in the shower practicing it,” Marchese admitted. “It was hysterical. It’s just not something you say as an adult!”

“I don’t care if it’s fake and you’re acting,” he said. “It doesn’t matter. It’s just hard to keep a straight face the whole time. I mean I had to practice it for like a week to not crack up as I was saying it. The hardest thing for me to do was to be as brutal and over the top because that’s not my personality. So needless to say, I took a lot of liquor to make that scene work for me. A lot of liquor. Probably more than I should’ve had!”

“I had to get blitzed to do that scene,” he laughed. “I couldn’t do that scene straight. I mean, and I caught a lot of heat for this, but I was given a ticket for one day and my job was to get thrown out in one day. That’s not easy to do. And to tell someone that I think their husband had sex with their mother, is not an easy thing to do.”

“I compare it to drinking 10 shots of tequila,” he concluded of his time on the show. “It’s a lot of fun when you’re doing it, but when you get to the tenth shot, you know you shouldn’t have done it and you regret it for a while. But you can still laugh and talk about it later.”

“Real Housewives is exactly like that,” Marchese said. “It seemed like a really good idea when it first started, like that first shot. But that tenth, it’s like what the hell am I doing?”

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25 Replies to “Jim Marchese Claims RHONJ is Fake”

  1. The most fake is him, knowingly selling a cancer drug that didn’t work! He should do a show with Brooks and Vicki, the three go together well and as long as I don’t need to watch I don’t care!

      1. Who would buy it Bee from two known liars! Disgusting pigs the pair of them! They should both take a very long run of a very high cliff! Xoxoxox

  2. Whole interview seems made up by Jim. Nobody can MAKE somebody do something unless lives were at stake. Jim claims to be a smart attorney–so why didn’t he read the fine print?

  3. Thank you Jim for sharing the TRUTH. Most people on this board have an aversion to truth. Thank you again. Out here in Hollywood there is a saying: “REALITY IS SCRIPTED.”

    1. Depends on the show and the production company handling the content. And this I can say from my own personal experience, and having friends who work both behind and in front of the camera.

        1. You can’t tell me that Jim didn’t have the option to say “No, I will not say that about Reno’s mother.” Jim is a scuzzy little twit and he chose to be on the show.

  4. Maybe there is some truth to what he says but this creton only wants publicity. He enjoyed the spotlight so much he can’t give it up and goes for it anyway he can.

    1. We all know it’s part scripted, set up, producer driven whatever you want to call it so nothing he can say could surprise most viewers!

  5. Hey Jim, maybe that is why you and Amber aren’t on the show anymore. If what you are saying is true, then you two must be truly boring “homebodies”. Thus, you weren’t asked back as they didn’t want to have to “create storylines” for you. Truthfully, you 2 never contributed much to the show anyway, so take the money and quit taking it upon yourself to stir up sh*t. You sure waited a long time to come forward with this news.

  6. Question Why are both of you going on Marriage Bootcamp with perfect marriage and family? Why were you kicked off a plane for allegedly choking wife and turning around and saying we’re just playing, but judge gave you anger management counseling. Was it scripted for Marriage Bootcamp (loser glad you’re getting the help you need)….NOW GO AWAY….

  7. This guy and Brandi I don’t wish to read anything about. And I don;’t know why I did either! A glutton for punishment, I guess. Are they going to be on Marriage Bootcamp? I’m so bad about keeping up with the latest. Glad I get some tid bits from this board.

    1. Hi Michelle, yes they are doing marriage boot camp, Jim and Amber! I won’t be watching! It was 32deg C in London today! Sorry xoxo

      1. I know. I know (say that like Sybil Fawlty)……as you Brits like to say, “I’m gutted”. (I really like that expression. It’s so precise!) I did check out the 10 day forecast and saw that the 70’s are headed your way. Keeping fingers crossed it will get to the 60’s by the time I get there. My husband keeps reassuring me that it will.

  8. Dear Jim, with the events happening in Italy today (The real world) I’ve come on Twitter to escape the heartbreaking news that’s happened in the land of my grandmothers for just a bit, just a little escape… But you are making me want to lose my manners. It doesn’t matter to me if RHONJ isn’t scripted, partly scripted, or fully scripted. I love it. I’ve loved it since the first episode of it and I do adore the entire Guidice family. My opinion of you isn’t so much from the show due to the fact that you were just a minor blip on the screen. A question if you will… Is your Twitter scripted by someone else? When you do an interview, are your answers written for you by someone else? You may do all the reality/scripted shows your little heart desires dear boy for you will never be more than just a minor blip on our screens. Now, like any good grandmother would do, I’m going to bend down so you can look me in the eye, pat you on your head, give you a cookie, and send you on your way. May our thoughts and prayers be with the people of Central Italy tonight….

  9. Enough with Jim and amber already! Why do you bloggers write about them? Nobody care about them. If I were jim I would be so ashamed of myself for being an ass in exchange for money, but that is nothing new to him. That is how he had always made a living. He is what is wrong with the world today and it is just sad.

    1. Hi Michelle….I’m also Michelle! So as not to confuse everyone, can one of us use either a symbol or additional letter to distinguish us?

  10. He is a jerk with a capital J but I believe these shows are exactly that. I think production gives them the idea and then the girls must play it out with as much drama as possible. The better you make it the more chaos and drama the more money you make and your possibility of returning next season goes up. I think it’s just so clear these women are scripted NO ONE in their right mind would act like that unless they were being paid.

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