Jim Marchese Claims He Was Filming RHONJ This Week


As we previously reported, former RHONJ star Amber Marchese’s husband Jim was arrested for reportedly grabbing Amber by the throat and threatening her on an airplane leaving LAX. One day after the arrest was reported, Marchese took to Twitter and shared a picture of his wife, writing, “@AmberNMarchese and I leaving filming and headed home to family. Seriously…… Reaaahhhhh….#hot #rhonj #mylove.”

While Jim was hinting that the couple was filming for RHONJ, we can exclusively report that the show did NOT film on Thursday, April 21st. 

A passenger on the plane also tweeted about the incident he witnessed on the aircraft. “Ya so this just happened…. Man chokes women behind me in 1st class and both get thrown off by the po po… Delayed again!!!”

Photo Credit: Twitter

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Who would even believe this midget and his shrew?

I certainly wouldn’t believe anything that came out of this turds backside! Selling cancer drugs when he knew full well they didn’t work then when the company refused his his share of the profits he turned whistle blower on them! He must make Amber so proud!

Suze I hope you’re feeling ok. I’m
Thinking of you & sending love! XOXO

Thanks DeeDee once I get over this pneumonia I should feel a lot better

Suze, I did not know you have pneumonia. How did this happen? Wishing & praying you well.

They think it’s possibly when they did one of the biopsies, I had problems breathing after that. I ended up two nights in instead of home that day! Oh well gave me something else to think about! Xxoo❤️❤️❤️

Sad to hear about the pneumonia. Always in my prayers! 🙂

Thanks Barbara a knock back but that’s all! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

And sending this tweet meant what? Is this this idiot’s excuse for choking his wife?

That’s about the most polite name you could call him!

I did have a choice “few” words Suze – but wasn’t sure if I should…………………..

Why not it doesn’t stop others!!! Just add an add asterisk lolxo

Typo one to many ‘add’

Nice to see your posts again Suze!

Thanks I’ve missed you all xo

Well this is unfortunate. Filming wrapped weeks ago. If they are filming these two (who production/Bravo/ANDY) did NOT want back on the show, that means this seasons final cut is worse than we could have imagined. Amber and her husband were fired AT the reunion last season. So them filming shows that production is scraping hard to find something to spice this season up. It’s crazy how they are going to paste this show together and provide us with probably the most fakest season yet.

Let’s hope it’s another lie from him, one of the many!

Agreed, but I worry that John may be right. Tre was probably on her best behaviour while filming this season. If Jim and Amber are in fact coming back I will need to do a lot of fast forwarding!

Yup me too but I still doubt it as they say Jackolush brought all the drama.

Ambers statement, said they were filming a new TV project!

I don’t watch this show BUT , is this douche bag’s excuse is that it’s ok to choke your wife if you’re filming a show ??? Wow!! He needs to join Apolo and Joe and have a 3 way in jail , where he can be the bottom bitch! I feel sorry for her, abused women are always in this denial fog because their abusers have groomed them so well. I hope she finds the courage and help she needs to leave this dildo !

Perfectly Stated Rain

Of all the loser husbands on the various shows, Jim Marcheesy always struck me as the worst. What he portrays on the surface is bad enough, but I always felt there was something evil just below the surface. I’m sure the choking situation is just the tip of the iceberg.

That man showed bad class from the start. Poor Amber, dosent she have cancer? How Could He? What a horrid man!!!

She has had breast cancer twice! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Perfectly stated Rain

The criminal justice system has this not so subtle chauvinism! This dildo should be prosecuted. It can’t be left to the abused person (who’s brainwashed or scared) to press charges against someone who has so much power over them . It makes no sense

Ridiculous system! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Amber has put out a statement saying they were joking about joining the mile high club and they had a heavy PDA! Boy oh boy!!!

Amber would probably be afraid of losing her children if she left him, you know he wouldn’t think twice about putting his children through hell to torture her.

I’ve read, sorry can’t remember where, that Amber and Jim are filming their own reality show. Jim is in charge of production and will try to sell it to a network when finished.

What happened to the book he was writing? Couldn’t find a publisher? I think 5 minutes in a meeting with a Production company would tell them all they need to know about this guy.

He’s filming how to choke your wife on a plane..snake on a plane


I my friend.. think of you everday Suze! Sending hugs and slurpy kisses

Ohhhh! Slurpy kisses to you too xxxoooo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I really hope that they are not back on the show

I won’t watch

I highly doubt they will be, especially after this but more like filming a high powered advert! Lol
He is a sleaze!

Y’all better watch out! The Angry Little Peanut will come for your neck…unless of course you are bigger than he is, in which case he will make sure you get sued if you touch him.

Im sure he was filming something else (remember the GREAT commercial they filmed *eye roll*) and was using the #rhonj to keeo himself relevant. Can we have less stories about this garbage man?

Who cares about the little man and his puppet

He is a jerk on marriage boot camp