Jim Marchese Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence


Last night former RHONJ Amber Marchese‘s husband, Jim, was reportedly arrested for felony domestic violence after an airplane fight with his wife at Los Angeles International Airport.

E! News reports Marchese was arrested after walking out of a plane at LAX. According to a statement from the airport’s police, officers were called to the airport’s Terminal 3 after an incident on the plane.

“At the request of officers, a male suspect and a female victim left the aircraft,” the police said. “Additional questioning revealed the suspect had grabbed the victim by the throat and made threats against her. Suspect James Marchese was arrested and transported to LAPD Pacific Division where he was booked.”

Jim was charged with domestic violence on $50,000 bail. He is scheduled back in court on May 11th.

Are you surprised by this news?

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64 Replies to “Jim Marchese Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence”

  1. Not surprised at all. Totally got that vibe from him on the show they way he talked to all of the women- including his wife.

  2. I am surprised. It actually doesn’t mean anything. They are a close couple. I know the haters on here are jumping for joy.

    1. Typically, when dealing with domestic violence the law enforcement just does not arrest a suspect on skeptical hearsay. They have to have physical evidence. So along those lines.. It does mean something. They appear to be a close couple. Those that attempt to live behind the white Pickett fences are the ones that throw stones at glass houses. Look at Yolonda and David. I have Never have seen anyone go out of their way before as much as she did to attempt to make others think they were perfect living in a lemon orchard.. And look at them now. He is an insulting idiot with the biggest case of Napolian Syndrome ever on the books.

  3. SURPRISED???? Perhaps the ‘surprise’ is that it took so long. Can one imagine what goes on behind ‘closed doors’?

  4. I am not surprised. He seemed so angry and pent up on the show like he was a pressure cooker ready to explode. If he choked her in public I am sure it has been MUCH worse in private. He also seems very manipulative and controlling; a terrible combination. My father was abusive and when I started bring home drawings of me crying in pre-school she knew she had to get out. I hope Amber does the same for her children, they always know more about what is going on than the parents realize.

    1. Sophia , I’m so sorry to hear that your father was abusivemy dear! I hope you’ve overcome all that painful past ❤️❤️❤️

    2. Amen to you. My dad wasn’t a peach either and bless my mom for walking away. Amber needs to get out now! So sad.

  5. Sophia I agree with everything you just said. My dad was no prince charming either but we rise above all the nonsense

    1. Thank you. The best thing my mom ever did was leave my father. It was rough financially, but so much healthier for us.

      1. Oh sweetie, we are all here for you, and anyone else who needs support and to be heard ❤️❤️❤️

        1. WELCOME BACK SUZE!!! We missed you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

        2. WELCOME BACK SUZE!! We missed you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. This may show up twice 🙂

          1. Th at was quick I can only type with m knuckle until pins and needles g,o soz bout typiingg❤️❤️❤️❤️ I misse u all too!

  6. Not surprising. This guy has serious anger issues. And to attack a woman with cancer? You all know what I think should happen to him. Sophia – good for you for seeing the positive side of things! God bless you! Your mom did the right thing!

    1. My gawd Gigicatyou took the words out of my head again. To attack his wife is horrific enough and then with her health issues???? He oughta be strung up. What a despicable low life wormy evil tool.

  7. Off Topic: Has anyone else noticed that this website is up and down like a hooker’s knickers? I checked in a few times over the course of the day and it was down many, many times. Other websites worked so I don’t think it was just me.

    1. I have the same problem…on some days I can’t get the site to load at all…and at other times…I can read but not post.

  8. He’s got a little man complex and totally had her brainwashed. I actually could’ve tolerated Amber without him around. Such a scumbag. Somehow, I feel like he’s going to be the typical abuser and make her feel like she’s the blame. It’s safe and scary. The only thing I can imagine is if this is what he does in public, it’s gotta be much worse behind doors.
    Oh, the whole scholarship comment about his kids just reminded me what a sue happy douche he is.

  9. I vaguely remember Amber having a melt down on a trip they all took somewhere. Florida? The twins & Jim got into it and amber had an unusual meltdown. It seemed suspicious to me. I got a weird vibe from that point on.

    1. I remember that. He also attacked her that night for having a cigarette. He’s another one where my spidey-senses tingled from the get-go. Dangerous, angry man.

  10. OK, so this idiot went off talking trash about everyone on the show, how they are scum bags… That he’s not going to be around a felon, he isn’t going to allow a criminal near his family, blah, blah, blah….. OK, Joe is a scum bag and a felon and this isn’t an excuse but at least his wasn’t violence or abuse, his didn’t cause physical harm…. Joe is guilty and he deserves what he gets….I wonder if Jim will stay away from his family since he’s a felon now, that good family is to good to be around a scum bag felon….. I doubt it, he’s going to have every excuse in the book as to why he’s better or his situation is different so he can still try and look perfect. Amber needs to wise up, he’s been abusive, he was on the show… I don’t understand why people can’t see it when they are with someone like that. I tossed a man out on his ass for just raising his hand. I don’t care what people think, the abusive person is always inside once it’s let loose…. They might never do anything again but you have to understand once they let it out the chance of it happening again is pretty high and gets higher each time they go off

    1. Abused women are ‘mentally ill’ in the sense that they can’t see clearly. I feel so bad for her but I doubt that she leave or do what’s good for her without therapy . I hope she gets the help she needs and that people don’t rip her in social media xoxo

  11. I can’t imagine that anyone is surprised by the actions of the Angry Little Peanut. I find the situation very sad. Even though Amber is annoying, no one deserves that. I will say that I find it hilarious and completely expected that he would get physical with someone his size, but when things look physical with big men like the Joes, he starts threatening to sue.

  12. Jim cheeseburger is a revolting little man with an even smaller ……… Oh yes I remember, personality! Wink wink!!! A sleaze bag!

  13. It’s so hard to leave an abusive relationship. I just left one, yet still want to go back. The person manipulates and controls you so much that you think it is ok, or it is your fault. They make you truly believe you can’t live without them, so you are ok with the abuse, because the apology phase after is good. It’s so messed up. I’m sorry her kids have to see it, I’m glad I don’t have any.

  14. Lo, I would also highly recommend the book “The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People Who Hurt Us.” Abuse is never okay, nor did you do anything to deserve it. Love should not hurt – physically or emotionally. From the sounds of it you might be dealing with a Narcissist. They can be incredibly manipulative and quite charming in order to get what they want. You might want to look at the website by Sam Vaknin, a narcissist himself, who has provided some illuminating dialog. http://samvak.tripod.com/abuse.html

    1. Thank you, I’ll have to get that book. It does feel like a magnet pulling me back. I am reading “Psycopath Free” right now, it is eye opening and I can’t believe I have fallen into this kind of relationship not only once but twice.

  15. Gross, gross, gross. Jim is a disgusting wannabe and Amber is suffering from Stockholm syndrome. He should not be allowed even a second of air time

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