Jim Edmonds On RHOC: Those Girls Need That Drama


New marriage, new home, and a new TV venture can be a lot to take in all at once but the Edmonds family is holding on strong. MLB legend Jim Edmonds’ wife Meghan was the Real Housewives of Orange County newcomer this year and though she was in the middle of the drama due to cast member Vicki Gunvalson’s ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers’ cancer drama, Jim is sticking up for his wife as the family experienced their own recent loss of cancer.

Edmonds recently spoke about the show on CBS Sports Radio, “To me, the way I try to describe it to my wife, too — cause she gets into it and the big thing was the cancer and all that. My wife was going through something with my ex-wife and she was deep into it with the kids.”

“And she’s watching a person die, and then a guy that has cancer that opted not to ever do anything about it was kind of shocking. Here my wife’s trying to get my ex-wife into doctors and hospitals, and this guy’s getting doors opened for him and he’s not even showing up for appointments. So she got a little irritated with that and that kind of blew up…. Those girls need that drama because they need that show to survive. We don’t need that.”

As seen in the sneak-peak trailer for the show’s reunion, Jim made an appearance on the couch next to his wife. Part one will air Monday night.

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25 Replies to “Jim Edmonds On RHOC: Those Girls Need That Drama”

  1. So, poor Meg is watching someone die of cancer and is shocked and surprised that someone chooses to foirgo treatment…ah. How about that is every persons choice and their right! No one has the right to say what is right or best for someone. I knew someone who had cancer and made the choice to let it run its course…she researched side effects of treatment and life expectancy with and without treatment and chose to have shorter life with higher quality. Some people didn’t believe she had cancer, some thought her choice was wrong, that she should fight to her dying breath to cling to life. I thought she should have the right to choose and everyone else should shut the F up and support her!

      1. I totally agree with you too, what gives these women the right to snoop around to the extent they did. If Brooks and Vicki are lying, they’ll have to deal with the consequences.

        1. I know I said everyone has a right to choose whether they have treatment or not and also what sort of treatment I am not changing that at all. However the two have them have brought their lies and crap onto the show, which gives us the right to query it and also the HW’s right to also question it. If Brooks had wanted to be private he should not have been on the show it was his and Vicki’s choice, it looks as though it was a bad one!!

          1. Not only that Brooke’s was selling that juice he was claiming was curing his cancer- so he had a financial stake in it too.

    1. I agree. I also knew several people who preffered no treatment, but to rather spend their last days with more quality, Justme.

  2. Jim sounds like a moron trying to cover Meghan’s ass. He should ask himself why his wife was obsessively stalking a guy she barely even knew. If Meghan was upset about Leann’s doctors, how does that justify accusing another of faking cancer?

  3. I don’t think Megan has any justification in how she acted. She completely went overboard. Who contacts someone’s ex, and they are an ex ever stop and think maybe they would just say things to bash an ex Megan? I don’t think he has cancer but her actions were not justifiable.

  4. I hate to say it because I can’t stand Crooks, but meghan went way overboard with this, I don’t think it was necessary, viewers are pretty smart people, as the season went on most people didn’t believe Crooks anyway. She kinda made herself look like a silly little girl.

  5. Meghan overstepped the line by a mile… She became a stalker of Brooks. On the other hand, I liked her sassy behavior this season. Change up the cast a bit and we may find that Meghan fits in well.

  6. smh – again it takes MATURITY to accept that everyone has the RIGHT to choose to treat or not, the type of treatment and their own doctors. I can’t stand brooks either but Meghan needs to get a freaking life and grow the hell up! My own father’s cancer is back and I asked him what the doctor said and he said “I’m 80 years old and I’ve thought about it and I’m not going through that again”. I respect that decision and him for making it.

  7. WHAT? HIS wife was the one who caused all the drama!! First, she was viciously rude to Shannon for no reason, but more than happy to take advantage of her kindness in referring Jim’s ex to a top-notch dr., then she started up with Vicki, who was only trying to give her some good advice really–about continuing her career and raising that bratty stepdaughter (maybe the messages were lost in translation, but I do think that’s what Vicki was trying to get across). That’s what *I* remember seeing, anyway.

    1. Queenie, I agree with you, Meg caused the drama. She is out of line! It’s none of her business. I wish she’d speak to her husband in the same tone she speaks to others. She appears to be frightened of Jim Bob.

  8. It makes sense for someone to choose to have or not have cancer treatment.

    Thats not what happened in this case, he had people reaching out to doctors for him, making appointments and then he just wasn’t turning up. This loser was taking appointments that other people actually needed.

    Meghan was right to drag his lies into the spotlight. If she’d checked into him and he wasn’t lying it probably would’t have gone any further but the fact is nothing he said added up so she investigated it more

  9. If Jim says that he & child wife does not need that, then WHY,OH WHY are they on the show. Can anyone help me & answer that?

  10. I agree with most of the above comments that Meghan was over-kill, over-done, bratty, childish, pushy, irritating, non-likeable & totally disgusting. She caused every ounce of the drama & in a nut-shell, I cannot stand a single bone in her.

  11. He’s a dullard. Meghan is too young and wacky. I think Vicki had it right. No more than 4-5 years and he will be on to wife 4

  12. I love the way Jim says :”those girls need the drama we don’t” since his wife started all the drama. He must need the drama too since he married the biggest drama queen of all.

  13. Who cares what Jim Edmonds thinks? He’s been rumored for years to be gay and he’s never home so maybe he’s the one who needs some drama.

    Also, Meghan’s obsession with Vicki’s boyfriend’s medical issues was beyond drama, it was crazy. Calling his exes and doctors for information? I think she needs a psychiatrist.

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