Jim Edmonds Defends Wife Meghan Against Vicki Gunvalson


During last night’s episode of RHOC, Tamra Judge threw a sex party to celebrate the release of her workout sex tape with her husband Eddie, but the drama between Vicki Gunvalson and Meghan Edmonds was not over when Meghan asked her husband Jim to back her up during a fight with Vicki.

After Vicki called Meghan evil, Meghan called over Jim to help defend her.

“You haven’t seen your wife in action,” Vicki tells Jim.

“I’ve seen my wife in action, trust me,” Jim says.

“Listen to me Jim, she is accusing my boyfriend, who you know, of not having cancer,” Vicki says.

“Actually, I don’t think she’s accusing him of not having cancer,” Jim clarifies. “I think the original story was that some random psychic said that there was a situation there and as a friend she was worried about why he wasn’t seeking the best treatment. Which is none of my business and I don’t care.”

Shannon Beador adds, “Meghan, to bring up an allegation that someone doesn’t have cancer when they’re fighting for their life…”

“I never said he didn’t have cancer,” Meghan insists.

“I’ve never asked you for you’re opinion! Stay out of it! You’re crazy. Stay out of it. You need to go concentrate on your family. You’re an evil person.” Vicki fires back.

Watch the clip below.

Whose side are you on? Meghan or Vicki?

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68 Replies to “Jim Edmonds Defends Wife Meghan Against Vicki Gunvalson”

  1. Sadly I don’t see what he did as defending her, especially how he responded after he walked away. I don’t who any man thinks they are, speak to any woman that way, especially your wife, it’s a coward talking. It’s someone who is playing games with her heart and emotions. I know if it were me, I would have left him there.

    Vicki needs to stop being a screeching banshee thinking she’s always right and perfect. She’s a huge hypocrite and she really needs to start taking her own advise about shutting up and minding her own business. I’m glad Meghan doesn’t back down and I wish the test of the woman had balls too.

    1. You are absolutely correct, my husband would have said “that’s your fight, or both of you stop it, we don’t want to hear it” and walked off.

  2. I don’t think Meghan’s husband likes her very much. There have always been rumors that he’s gay so maybe she’s just a cover. Also, I’m still wondering if little Miss “I want justice” cheated with him when he was with his second wife, the one he has those two little ones with. They got married awfully fast after that divorce.

    Anyway, it was so stupid that Meghan ran and tattled and expected him to fight her battle with another woman for her. I could see if a man was harassing her but as is, she just looked like a childishly running to get a real adult to handle it.

    Vicki started it up again at Tamra’s party, I think, but anyway, Meghan just doesn’t fit in with these ladies. She’s the age of a lot of their kids and really just seems annoying in my opinion.

    1. Also, no Jim really didn’t defend her much at all so I don’t think the title of this story is accurate. He seemed mostly not very interested in it. The feelings he did have seemed to just be with Meghan for dragging him into it, so he made them leave early.

    2. ITA judge Judy! Jim can’t stand his wife it even pretend to like her, when cameras are around! Jim and his mom jeans just is aweful! Not to mention he’s livid at Meghan for dragging him into this whole fiasco !

  3. From day #1 when I first watched Meghan on the show I thought “Wow! She is a BITCH!” And now, after watchiing several shows I am standing firm on my first thoughts of her. God help Jim! All I can say to him is “Hope you have a real good prenep and for heavens sake DON’T GET HER PREGNANT! Your life will be hell!”

  4. I’m not sure if I have strong enough feelings about Meghan to defend her but I cannot stand Vicky screeching for another season, good grief she is in her 50’s!!!

    1. Vicki kept calling her a little girl. So in my book it is fair game to call her old and bitter… And I’m almost Vicki’s age.

      1. Vicki wants to be queen of the group, and be treated as such, she mows down anyone (especially the newbies) that doesn’t bow down . I am over it. She opened the door on age shaming then got it right back in the face. Tough.

  5. I don’t like either one, but on this topic I’m on Vicki’s side.
    Glad Jim didn’t want to get involved and I didn’t get the impression he was supporting Meghan. I can’t respect a wife bringing her husband into a fight with another woman to back her up! JJudy has it right and I completely agree.

    1. I honestly believe from the way she was talking to Jim, it was like he didn’t believe they talked to her that way or used those words, I think that’s why she pulled him in, not to fight for her. She clearly had no problem standing her ground or speaking her mind. Once the queen of divorce said to Jim, talk to me in 5 years when you’re divorced. Vicki thinks she’s the only one that works, the only one that has a brain, the only one that’s allowed to have an opinion, the only grown up, etc. Vicki needs a reality check and even if no one agrees with me, I think Meghan is the one to do it. I don’t understand why the other ladies are afraid of her. I’m over Vicki’s, I’m perfect and if you don’t do as much as me out think the same as me or do the same as me you’re shit attitude. Just my opinion.

          1. Shannon, I believe they are still together!! Vicky was in Wisconsin for a few days, I bet any amount of money she was with Crooks, she said she was with lawyer friends. Don’t believe that for a second

            1. I wish I would have known she was in Wisconsin, that’s where I am…. I could have gone all stalker and tried to see if they were here together…. Lol For those that think I’m serious, I’m not, she’s not worth my time.

              1. I know you are joking! It’s the sort of thing I would say in jest as well! Why would anyone want to get any where near these two out of choice! 😀

      1. Shannon, Meghan said she called Jim in to “have her back” too bad it backfired then she apologized for it. You’re entitled to your opinion as we all are. Thanks for the feedback!

        1. Beth, to me I don’t think having her back is the same as fighting her battles… I’m not saying that that’s right but when she grabbed Jim and said she just said I’m Evil out Nasty out what ever Vicki said… I took out like he didn’t believe grown women would talk that way, then Vicki said it again as Jim was there and Meghan said ” see, she just said I’m evil or may or what ever she said “. I don’t think Jim is very kind to Meghan off camera, like when they walked away and he yelled at her not to ever put him in a situation like that again. He comes off really odd to me… Cause then Meghan asked what was said and he seemed to soften up and was like he felt bad for her. I think Jim should have put Vicki in her place with the divorce comment, that’s when he should have stood up for his wife. Like I said, it’s just my opinion and how I took what was said. It wasn’t feedback, just the way I took it.

          1. Shannon, I know what Vicki said and I don’t condone her saying anything she said. Jim’s been divorced twice and Meghan once, that’s 3 divorces between them. I agree that Jim does seem aloof to Meghan even condescending, he’s just not into her. IMO. Let’s agree to disagree about her calling Jim when she needed help, it’s like a child saying, “mom, she called me evil.” Big deal! I would never call my husband into a conversation/argument because men aren’t into the she said-she said and I’m perfectly capable of handling the issue myself.
            Since you replied to me specifically I mistook it as feedback, I’m sorry if that offended you. It’s clearly your opinion.

            1. Not offended, it’s just some people seem to freak out if they think you’re saying something more than just an opinion…. So I wanted to clear it up before anything was said by them. I just thought it was funny with the divorce queen herself saying that to Jim. I like others opinions, so I hope you don’t think I was trying to fight. I like discussing everyone’s point of view.

      2. Agree. Vicki could learn to show a little kindness and humility on air. I don’t know that it is time for her to leave the show, but she definitely needs to take a long look in the mirror.

  6. Meghan does seem crazed over something that is none of her business. Brooks doesn’t need to conform to her idea on how he should handle his medical care. It’s his disease his problem….nuff said! Meghan is becoming a stalker.

    1. How is no one hearing that Meghan has said over and over, the research she’s done hasn’t been for Brooks, it was for LeAnn. It could be because the banshee won’t shut up long enough for anyone to hear her say that. She said and I do believe her, she was worried he was stopping chemo, no it’s not the only thing that helps but the way it was told to the ladies was he wasn’t really going to fight it, out that’s how I took it. Vicki has changed what she says he’s doing so many times, it’s confusing. I do wonder how it’s none of Meghan’s business to do research on treatments or to care or talk about Brooks, but the others don’t get told off and to not do anything, it’s none of their business. Shannon was believing that Brooks doesn’t have cancer, I could see it when she realized what the psychic thought and that he’s not contacted any of the people she told him about. She just didn’t have the balls to say how she really thought. OK, that was a rant but it’s so annoying that it’s always one person attacked and no one else but they all say and do the same crap.

      1. Shannon, I agree with all you are saying. I am not on team Meghan or Team Vicky to be honest when you get to my age team anything other than sport seems so childish! Sorry everyone but it’s just me!! Maybe it’s the Brit in me, I don’t know! I can’t stand Vicky and She has spoilt OC for me for a while now.

  7. Meghan is right. Vicki is a bitter , unhappy old woman! All she does is shriek instead of listening. I am so sick of watching Vicki gag and throw up on the show. She says she is the OG of the OC. What does OG stand for? Old goat?

    1. daisy, OG means original girl. And there are women over 50 on this site. I’m 68 and don’t consider myself an “old lady.” I’m happily married to my husband of 48 years, together we have 2 sons, 4 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. We enjoy camping, hiking, talking, etc. We are quite active and I still work. You too will someday be 50+ and hopefully you’ll understand that getting older is not a crime, but a part of life. Would I behave like these women? Never. I didn’t when I was younger so why start now, ugh. Be cool. Thanks.

      1. Beth I am also in my 60’s but I’m not offended by Daisy’s comment, I’m sorry but I laughed! I’m also happily married for many years with children! No grand Children yet! I think in UK women these days are having them later and later, I was in my mid 30’s. People can’t afford to have them earlier now. Anyway just wanted to say I wasn’t offended, Vicky is an old goat at times!! 😀

      2. Beth,
        I am also 68 (born in 1947) and don’t consider myself an old woman. I have children and grandchildren and am very active. I do ,however, consider Vicki a very unhappy shrew no matter what her age.! She insists on telling Meghan she is too young so that makes her too old! She refuses to understand that Meghan is going through a hopeless situation with Leann, and instead of saying thank you for your concern (without shrieking and pointing her fingers) Vicki is too busy insulting Meghan and threatening her. (“I’ll take you down.”) Meghan should keep her mouth shut, but Vicki could handle it better!

        1. Agreed, daisy. I never said I was insulted, I’m happy with my life at this age. I wouldn’t want to be 30, been there done that. I do believe that age doesn’t matter, Vicki has probably been this way all her life. Her voice is shrill and annoying.

          I don’t think anyone is jealous of Meghan, she just does not fit in with that group of women.

    2. Vicki disgusts me too. And she kept calling Meghan a little girl so it is fair game Meghan to call her old and bitter which she is!!!! She is a bully and needs to go and take her puppet Shannon with her. They both make me vomit in my mouth.

  8. Meghan comes across as an ignorant know it all. Too bad she really isn’t very bright, or she would have a better understanding of the situation.
    Very sad, but certainly does create Drama.
    I like Vickie, but she needs to stop the screeching, it’s so unbecoming.

  9. They are each a mess in my opinion. Vicki is a harpy and a shrew. Meghan was just trying to stir up trouble, as she did with Shannon before. And “Jimmy” does not act like a guy that loves or respects his wife. He barely seems to tolerate her.

  10. The problem with Megan is,a lot like BG, she doesn’t know when to shut up and walk away. Sometimes in life it is best to just best to not say anything and let the other person hang them selfs.

  11. It is my opinion that Vicki never wants to listen to anyone but herself. When anyone tries to explain what or why they’ve made a comment, she automatically becomes a bully with statements like “I’ll take you down”. and yells over them not even trying to hear an explanation. Watching the show, you’ll see that Megan only said that the psychic said he didn’t see cancer in Brooks. She didn’t make an accusation. She only relayed the information given to her. She hasn’t once said that Brooks didn’t have cancer. If she believed that, why be concerned with trying to find an alternative treatment that may help him? Vicki should be thankful that someone is concerned enough to suggest a physician that could possibly help him. I don’t see that as being in her business. I see that as someone only passing on information she has since cancer is also being dealt with in her own family. Why isn’t she mad at Tamara for even asking the psychic about Brooks and his cancer? It’s obvious to me she is jealous of Megan or just doesn’t like her and takes every opportunity to “take her down”. For someone that claims to be educated and mature, she’s acting like a spoiled brat who thinks she’s always right.

  12. I guess I’m in the minority here. I’m kinda on Jim’s side. For one, he looked uncomfortable going to that weird party, except for the naked woman with flowers and sushi on her body. Then, he was minding his own biz and his crazy wife called him over, to participate in a ludicrous about what some psychic said. I think he was just trying to diffuse the situation. Did anyone else notice the way he kept twirling his wedding ring, in the limo on the way home? It looks like maybe that old saying, “marry in haste, repent at leisure” applies. (Didn’t Vicki say that Brooks told her, something like Jim said he’d been married only 4mos and 2 have already been difficult?) Not good.

  13. Motive and intention are everything when getting to the root of a conflict. Thus far, there is nothing in Methan’s comments or actions to me indicating she is coming from a good place with altruistic motivation vs. a being a precocious aigitator kicking up dust for camera time and reality show infamy. It is Vicki’s journey and hers alone how she chooses to support her boyfriend’s health issues, she has repeatedly asked Meghan (who is not her friend) to butt out , and Meghan needs to back the he** OFF. Point, blank, period.

    1. Excellent point Bon!! How many times do you need to tell someone (especially a dummy Barbie) to BUTT OUT!!! I mean, seriously ! But hey do Meghan , it’s about ‘justice’ !! Aka, a story line !

      1. You two have made very good points. It’s like asking someone what they do for a living, asking so you can have a conversation topic or are truly interested in their life is cool, asking so you can place them in a class of people is rude and only being done to make someone look bad.

      2. I swear on Diana Ross’ hair that I am a person that really tries not to curse out loud (hee hee), but when she went into that mess in the limo about fighting for justice, somehow I blurted out, “JUSTICE???? WHO THE (bleep!) DOES THIS (bleep!) THINK SHE IS???? THE CAPED CRUSADER OF ORANGE COUNTY?????” Lol. I find her intrusive and self-entitled in a way that’s nearly maddening. On top of that, she continues to pick and pick during a conflict, always stubbornly angling for the last word – not realizing that her short-sightedness and lack of discernment only ends up revealing her true colors and malice towards others. For example, how quickly we moved from all her meddling and seed planting under the guise of concern at Heather’s lunch to her revealing through pursed lips and rolled eyes that she was out for justice in the limo. Meghan is trying to play games that she clearly has not the patience, cunning, nor strategy for. Her bratty ego will be her undoing and will reveal who she truly is (and how smart she truly is not) every time.

  14. Sorry, but vicki is a little too defensive about crooks—–and WTH was shannon sticking her nose in that dog fight for? vicki was acting like a 12 year old mean girl trying to convince jim that his wife was wrong and come to (team vicki)……
    vicki needs to learn to talk, not yell like an idiot, and meghan needs to grow up, shannon needs to worry about her cheating husband…..And all the stupid HW’s need to stay away from psychics….

  15. Off subject, but why does every trampra party end up looking like a stripper party? These women have nothing better to do than dress up like ugly aging prostitutes?
    And ewwwwwwwwwwww, WTH (the leeches) how gross is that—–

    1. I don’t understand what the heck they were doing with leeches. I had one of those “Vampire Facials,” once–I think it was, anyway. They took a vial of blood out of my arm, spun it around in a machine and injected the stuff back into my face. Total waste of money.

  16. Can’t stand that Meghan, she comes off as shallow, dumb & mean. Hardly a winning combination. Seems like her husband is of the same opinion. Interesting that he said 2 of the 4 married months have been challenging. I can only imagine…..I bet she was the mistress & that’s one of the reasons the 2nd wife dislikes her. I loved when he shut her down with that “zip it.”

    She said Vicki was jealous of her. Really? A bony airhead who has nothing going on in her life & must depend on a man to exist?

  17. I’m team Vicki on this one. I suspect the day after Jim married Meghan he was filled with regret & thought of a divorce. I certainly would not blame him.

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