Jim Bellino Adds Heather McDonald to Tamra Judge Lawsuit

Jim Bellino, ex-husband of former RHOC star Alexis Bellino, is suing Heather McDonald defamation, amid his lawsuit with Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador for the same thing.

Jim claims that McDonald, 49, Beador, 55, and Judge, 51, “shamelessly ‘dished’ and peddled unsubstantiated gossip about the former couple and their divorce” during a live taping of her podcast, Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald, at the Irvine Improv in California, per court documents obtained by Page Six on Wednesday.

McDonald later published the podcast on various platforms, causing a larger audience to listen to the interview.

“When the subject turned to Jim and Alexis, the interview took a vicious turn,” he alleges, describing the conversation: “Judge then offered and answered the question: “Why is he wanting spousal support? I have a theory. Everything’s in her name. He’s going to go to jail. Yeah, he’s a shady mothaf–ka!” He added that Beador discussed his trampoline park business with McDonald, stating that he was sued over it and as a result, “I won’t let my kids go because people get paralyzed, and they, and apparently that happens.”

Jim claims that McDonald “published the foregoing defamatory statements knowing that they were false” and that in doing so, he lost over $1 million in potential business.

He first filed a suit against Beador and Judge last fall, alleging that they spewed false information about him on during a Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen appearance. Judge and Beador asked for the case to be dismissed, but so far only Beador is in the clear.

Shannon was dismissed from the $1 million lawsuit in January and was awarded $137,340.25 for her legal fees regarding the matter.


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