Jim and Amber Marchese Upset RHONJ Filming Has Been Delayed


The battle between the Marcheses, Guidices, and Andy Cohen seems to be only heating up. Now Jim is speaking with RadarOnline about his feelings towards what is going on with RHONJ and Teresa Giudice.

“It is BS that the entire cast, especially my wife, had their filming put on hold because Tre and Joe committed several felonies and [Teresa is] sitting in jail,” Jim Marchese says about Bravo holding off on filming.

Jim continues to talk about how Bravo promoted Teresa’s spinoff as opposed to it just being part of the new season. Saying, “Viewers were duped into thinking they were watching RHONJ,” he fumed. “If Andy [Cohen] had so much confidence in Tre and Joe to pull ratings, he could have called it ‘Teresa Checks In’…period!”

“Andy is clearly endorsing Tre’s behavior as it was focused on Tre and the sympathetic issues surrounding her kids,” he claimed. “For example they were [shown] crying missing their mom and over-dramatized other hardships…”

Marchese would have like to have seen the Guidice spinoff focus more on the people effected by there actions as opposed to the way they filmed it. Saying, “Not one scene was dedicated to the people she stole from, how their lives have been hurt or the children of families victimized by their crimes”.

Jim says that now Amber [Marchese] doesn’t know if she even wants anything to do with the show anymore. “Every time they focus on Tre’s incarceration, they hurt the show and its reputation,” Marchese insisted. “Now, my wife has to decide if she wants her good name on a show this dark,” he added. “The delays in filming and lousy ratings are just two more examples of how Tre’s criminal activity hurt families.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo