Jim and Amber Marchese Upset RHONJ Filming Has Been Delayed


The battle between the Marcheses, Guidices, and Andy Cohen seems to be only heating up. Now Jim is speaking with RadarOnline about his feelings towards what is going on with RHONJ and Teresa Giudice.

“It is BS that the entire cast, especially my wife, had their filming put on hold because Tre and Joe committed several felonies and [Teresa is] sitting in jail,” Jim Marchese says about Bravo holding off on filming.

Jim continues to talk about how Bravo promoted Teresa’s spinoff as opposed to it just being part of the new season. Saying, “Viewers were duped into thinking they were watching RHONJ,” he fumed. “If Andy [Cohen] had so much confidence in Tre and Joe to pull ratings, he could have called it ‘Teresa Checks In’…period!”

“Andy is clearly endorsing Tre’s behavior as it was focused on Tre and the sympathetic issues surrounding her kids,” he claimed. “For example they were [shown] crying missing their mom and over-dramatized other hardships…”

Marchese would have like to have seen the Guidice spinoff focus more on the people effected by there actions as opposed to the way they filmed it. Saying, “Not one scene was dedicated to the people she stole from, how their lives have been hurt or the children of families victimized by their crimes”.

Jim says that now Amber [Marchese] doesn’t know if she even wants anything to do with the show anymore. “Every time they focus on Tre’s incarceration, they hurt the show and its reputation,” Marchese insisted. “Now, my wife has to decide if she wants her good name on a show this dark,” he added. “The delays in filming and lousy ratings are just two more examples of how Tre’s criminal activity hurt families.”

Interesting comments from Jim Marchese… what do you think? Comment below and let me know!

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32 Replies to “Jim and Amber Marchese Upset RHONJ Filming Has Been Delayed”

  1. As far as I know they haven’t been asked back and I wonder why Jim????? There is no show without Teresa and if people aren’t happy about that it’s their choice not to watch. But if you are not going to watch TV, Films sport with felons in you will have to stop watching a huge amount!

    1. There are plenty of REAL housewives in NJ with REAL money that I would watch. I think the viewers are fed up with Teresa and are ready for a change. For some reason her fans think she is the only reason there is a show.

  2. I never really liked this guy but I agree with him 100%. He is saying everything that everyone else is thinking but because he is actually a part of the show he calls Bravo and Andy out. I give him kudos. This family is such a mess and the only thing they have on their mind is money….. that is it…. just the almighty dollar. They could give a crap about their children or how it is ultimately going to take it’s toll on them in years to come. If they truly loved their children and their family they would get the hell out of the limelight, make sure those kids are secure and supported instead of waiting for the film crew to come to film how Tre is going to take care of 4 kids without Joe. I just found out that Tre is out on Dec23 and Joe doesn’t have to go in until February. WHY????
    Getting those kids off the tube would be the absolute best thing that they could do. Unfortunately those parents were born with shit for brains. THat’s why everything that comes out of their mouths is crap.

    1. @ Aunt B–yes, I read the same thing…Maybe Jim is trying to save face by stating he doesn’t know if his wife wants to come back….don’t think she was asked to.

      For sure the Giudices and Gorgas will be back. heard Lauritas will be “friend”, as will,Rosie.

      1. ORE and Aunt Bee yes it’s just family, at the moment not even the Wakiles, hope it stays that way. I do appreciate how he stood up against Jimbo a few days ago. Interestingly no comment from Melissa or Joe, her Godfather, he should have been the one to do it!

  3. Oh give it a rest Jim. No one is interested in you or your family so take a seat. Just sounds to me like you’re missing that Bravo paycheck and the silly notoriety that goes with it.

    1. He will do anything even pushing Amber to do interviews when she shouldn’t have stress in her life. They won’t be asked back thank goodness Andy made his opinion of Jim quite clear! Same with the Twins, they were so boring!!!

        1. Well that’s it tragic news she has quit rhonj! What a joke they wasn’t going to be asked back anyway!!! There is a story on another blog that made me laugh!

  4. They are trying to set up their “I have too much integrity for this…I quit!” because they have clearly already been fired. Bye gurl!

      1. I have not heard confirmation of this myself, but it seems pretty obvious. You don’t talk smack about your employer like this unless you are already out the door.

    1. They personally have officially “quit” the show, so they wont be back next season.

      So basically no ones contacted them since filming ended, so they throw a bit of outrage online and then make a big deal of “quitting” the show.

    1. I think that speaks to how horrid Jim Marcrazy is. I mean, I cannot STAND Tre, but I would rather sip a bottle of Fabellini with Tre than go on a shopping spree at Chanel for free with those two dipsticks.

  5. I totally agree. I do not understand why it is such a bad thing for him to take a stand against this? It is a travesty that the criminal activity is being glamorized yet there seems to be no remorse for the people hurt by their actions, just reward.

    1. What about all the people he sold a cancer drug to knowing fully it didn’t work. Then when he couldn’t get a payout from the company he sold them out and collected $ 1.6 million.

  6. As much as I dislike this ahole Marchese I agree with him, Bravo is dragging their name into the gutter with all this Teresa crap.

  7. While I too never liked Jim or Amber, I do share the feelings. Guidices stole from every American for many years. Joe should be sent back to Italy and take his theif of a wife with. Bravo should never be associated and giving them more money for being theives. I am thrilled not to be hearing Theresa’s screaching voice. Milania is such a brat, get her off the show and i to some therapy.

  8. I don’t like Jim or his wife but I agree with him 100% that Bravo should not bring back or continue these criminals!

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