Jill Zarin Won’t Leave Husband Bobby’s Side Because His Battle with Cancer Has Gotten Worse

We are so sad to report that Jill Zarin’s husband Bobby is losing his fight against cancer and the former RHONY star is refusing to leave his side during his last days.

“Jill put on a brave face at Bloomingdale’s Makeup Date 2017 event,” an insider shares. “Jill was holding back tears and looked worried and scared.”

“I asked her how Bobby was doing and she said he was back in the hospital and she didn’t want to leave his side,” the insider added. “Jill has been by Bobby’s side 24/7 since his cancer took a turn for the worse and she said it was hard to leave for the 45 minute appearance, but Bobby insisted that she go.”

“She said Bobby encouraged her to step away and honor her commitment to Bloomingdale’s, but it was very hard for her,” the insider told RadarOnline. “She said the past few weeks have been a roller coaster of good days and bad days and that the family is taking things day by day.”

“Jill said that she was going back to the hospital [after the event] and she seemed very worried about Bobby,” the insider said. “She thanked the audience for their love, support and prayers during this difficult time.”

“Jill and Bobby have an incredible support system of family, friends and fans that have rallied around them,” a source close to the family revealed. “It’s very sad. Friends and family don’t know what’s going to happen and they are all very worried and scared.”

“Bobby is everything to Jill and she prays every day for a miracle,” the insider concluded.

We are sending our love and prayers to Jill, Bobby and their family.

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9 Replies to “Jill Zarin Won’t Leave Husband Bobby’s Side Because His Battle with Cancer Has Gotten Worse”

  1. I can just imagine the pain Jill is feeling & what she’s going through watching her dear husband succumbing to the cancer.
    My heart bleeds for them all & my prayers are with them.

  2. It sounds like it’s the beginning of the end…This is extremely sad news about Bobby. He’s been one of the better house husbands!! I feel very sorry for Jill…

  3. Jill must be inconsolable. Losing her best Friend, Her Husband , her Partner,and the Father of her Children!
    Bobby was my all time Favorite NY HW Husband. He had such a great manner, was calm and wise.
    God, Bless both of them.
    My Heartfelt Prayers goes out to th e Jarin Family!
    Those of you, with Spouses?
    Please, hug your loved ones a little bit tighter.
    Life is a short gift.
    True Love is rare.
    Long term Happy Relationships are even rarer..
    So, terribly, tragic..

  4. This is so sad, I’ve always liked Bobby as he always behaved like a true gentleman and always treated others with dignity and respect no matter what. Prayer and positive thoughts for Bobby and family and friends.

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