Jill Zarin WON’T Be Returning To Bravo!

Despite her one-on-one interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, former Real Housewife of New York, Jill Zarin, will NOT be returning to Bravo. In a new report released by Wetpaint Entertainment, a source is claiming Andy gave Jill the interview just so Jill would quit talking about being fired from the show.

“She was relentless. She’s been calling and calling for months trying to get on the show,” an insider tells Wetpaint. “Jill wanted closure and, to be honest, so did a lot of the viewers and Andy knows it. He knew having her on as a one-time special episode would make good TV.”

Jill didn’t hold back in her interview with Andy, should would barely let him talk! She asked Andy, “Why was I fired?” Andy clearly looked uncomfortable, and replied, “Well, we’ve discussed it many times, that we were looking to shake the show up. The viewers were the ones to us, that dictated they wanted something to change.”

Jill continues to say that it felt like a death, she was heartbroken, and she felt like it came down to the Bethenny vs. Jill scenario, and the network picked favorites. She even brings up that Bethenny was offered to guest appear on Watch What Happens Live, alone. I attached a short clip of Jill’s conversation with Andy about Bethenny. You can watch below, I would say that it’s important to watch Andy’s reaction and facial expressions…

Bravo Producers have stated that Jill will not be returning to The Real Housewives, despite speculation.

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Tell Us- How did you feel about Jill’s interview? Do you want to see her return to The Housewives?

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4 Replies to “Jill Zarin WON’T Be Returning To Bravo!”

  1. Desperate…calculating…pathetic…delusional…need I say more. This lady needs a therapist and just like Bethenny said at that last reunion…Jill got lost and blinded by the fame. I don’t understand how she has any dignity or pride left after doing this so called “debate” / interview and its exactly why the majority of viewers wanted her gone. The best revenge after you’re fired is to move on and be successful elsewhere! I feel she liked it when she was always one rung higher than Bethanny and she can’t stand it that B was given opportunities that she wasn’t and then succeeded beyond belief! She just kind of reaffirmed Bravo made the right decision to boot her. I felt sorry for her actually she seemed so pathetic…until the end when she started hocking all of her products and wares and then campaigning for her Mom to be on! Good riddance!

  2. I’m glad she went on the show and asked the questions. She brought up “production” situations on her show that confirms what many suspect happened on RHONJ. Andy does show favoritism. Good for Jill for being brave enough to face Andy with things that bothered her. I wish her nothing but the best.

  3. Oh for crissakes! Jill is a freaking nutjob who could benefit from some in-depth therapy. The only person who wants to see Jill Zarin on ANY TV show again is Jill Zarin, as evidenced by the fact that this story had 2 comments before mine. I would hate to think that my only claim to fame is being fired from a show, but hey…that’s just Jill I guess. Her last season on RHONY, she was just disgusting & it was obvious that was the real “Jill”. Nobody gives a shit about her, her mom, or her story. I hope her elitist, disgusting attitude keeps her warm at night & I PRAY that I never have to endure another second of her on Bravo. JILL…YOUR 15 MINUTES HAVE BEEN UP FOR AWHILE. Get over it & move on!

  4. The only one who bugged me more than Jill was Ramona. Bethenny is the only one that I really liked. I have to say that Scary Island was one of the best times.

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