Jill Zarin To Returning To TV?!

After former Real Housewives of New York’s Jill Zarin had her interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, she explains that she has been “flooded” with calls from agents and networks. She recently had an interview with The Morning Blend, and describes the feedback she received from the interview, and all the opportunities that have come her way since the interview aired.

“The ratings were unbelievable. I did not expect this… I was just happy if we did as well as the previous week’s show because it’s usually two on one with games and all that. Not only did I beat it. I doubled it. There was a huge press release from NBC Bravo. 1.3 million people tuned in. We beat Chelsea Handler by double or something, I don’t understand ratings, but you know what, it said to me ‘You need to be back on television.'”

Tell Us- Do you think the ratings were because the viewers miss Jill, or because they tuned in for the “drama” factor?

Photo Credit: Bravo


4 Replies to “Jill Zarin To Returning To TV?!”

  1. Jill, if Bravo brings you back, I will boycott Bravo!! You have an annoying voice and not pretty, either. Your just jealous because Bethenny made it and you didn’t!!

  2. I just saw this. HEE-HEE! Jill Zarin do you really not get it? I’ll help you. People tune in to you doing an interview because it’s like watching a car accident. You are horrible, mean and arrogant beyond belief so people watch to see how BAD you will be when talking about the other cast members. No one will tune in AGAIN, you are so jealous and hateful that you actually make people uncomfortable. So, no Jill, you aren’t “good tv”, bringing in the ratings. EVERYONE tuned in to the news when 9/11 happened shocked and appalled and saddened, we tuned in the next day to find out what the hell happened, but Good Lord no, please no, never let it happen again.

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