Jill Zarin Slams Bethenny, Reveals Why She Declined Talk Show Appearance


It’s no secret that former Real Housewives of New York star Jill Zarin loves the spotlight, and after reports she turned down Bethenny Frankel’s offer to appear on her daytime talk show, Jill is speaking out about why she declined the invitation. “I flat out said ‘no’ when they asked me to go on her show,” Jill tells Life & Style Magazine. “Does she think I’m just going to show up and she’s going to come out and do her fake show and then run away?”

Jill reveals it wasn’t Bethenny who called to invite her to come on the show, and that was a big part of her decision not to appear. “She couldn’t pick up the phone and call me herself. I was shocked. She should’ve called,” Jill says. “I’m in a neutral zone with Bethenny; we’ve communicated. I was hurt that she didn’t call me because I did e-mail and congratulate her on the show, so it wasn’t like we hadn’t spoken.”

Jill continues, “I was hoping she was looking for resolution and not to use me for ratings. I was looking for an honest and real conversation. I felt I deserved that because we were such good friends.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Jodi

    OMG! Jill is using the fact that she was asked to be on this show as an excuse to once again talk to the press and make a story out of NOTHING.

    ugh… I am not a Bethenny fan, but Jill is just so annoying.

  • Lalee

    I loved Jill, She had an interesting career in that huge warehouse full of material and she knew every inch of it. The time 2 men came in not knowing exactly what they wanted so they told her what it was for,the colors of the room and the items to be covered.She knew what they would want and took them to the 3rd floor and showed them some heavy material w/gold in it & they were blown away,it was exactly the look they wanted. Then her little dog took off running up & down the rows w/ her trying to get him..hahaha so cute and funny..Bring her back and get rid of that spoiled Avila or the distant cousin of Jackie O’s. or that other long haired
    odd new one that gossips w/ whoever is in front of her.. Yea to Jill

  • Jen

    This is a historical event, but I ACTUALLY side with Jill on this one. Bethenny was my favorite, and she has been slowly grating on my nerves with this fluffy show, which goes against her Skinny Girl, healthy brand, which I respected. Now, she really is using people for ratings. It was ballsy to consider Jill, but then not to call her personally? Not mature or classy.

  • After Jill trying to make sure Bethenny’s spin-off would go south I don’t blame her for not calling. B called Jill and tried to make up with Jill several times. Jill proved to be disloyal and doing the talk show would have been beneficial to both of them equally. B for the audience, since she had invited every housewife from almost every city to her show, not just Jill. Jill could plug her store and any new venture she has going. It would have been great publicity for both of them. Maybe if Jill hadn’t tried to turn the cast and the fans against Bethenny, they could have made up and stopped any more damage to the friendship.