Jill Zarin Says The Real Housewives Franchise Is Over!

Jill Zarin

Former Real Housewife of New York, Jill Zarin, has a lot to say about The Real Housewives Franchise in a new interview with The Huffington Post. A  year ago, Jill said she wouldn’t return to RHONY for $1 million, now she seems to be changing her tune a bit, but says she thinks “there’s too many Housewives,” adding that there are about 37 cast members total. “There’s no more room … I think that Housewives, I think it’s over.”

Jill goes on to say there’s no more room for Housewives to get book deals, business ventures, product endorsements, etc. She seems to think Bravo has added to many women to the franchise, and it’s become bigger than what viewers can relate to. Zarin said she thinks Bethenny Frankel paved the way and is a memorable Housewife, along with herself, NeNe Leakes, Teresa Giudice, and Lisa Vanderpump. Jill thinks there’s only a couple of Housewives per city that are memorable and that stick out in her mind. Jill goes on to repeat that she believes The Real Housewives Franchise is “over.”

Click here to watch Jill Zarin’s interview with the Huffington Post!

Tell Us- Do YOU agree with Jill that The Real Housewives Franchise is over?

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14 Replies to “Jill Zarin Says The Real Housewives Franchise Is Over!”

  1. Oh Jill… YOU are the one who’s over! The Housewives franchise is humming along quite nicely, thank you, as are the Housewives-related offshoots, like Watch What Happens and all these blogs (like AllthingsRH!) that are doing super well!

    In fact, it’s probably to the credit of the continued interest in the Housewives that Jill is even still being interviewed!! Let’s hope she finds a hobby. Bethanny was right.

  2. This woman will do anything to stay relevant. There are certain franchises that seem to be over, like NY. It’s a shame that they have gotten away from the family plot, that is what drew me to OC in the first place. Jill needs to focus on her fabric store.

  3. Ugh, go away Jill Zarin. You’re a nobody. She craves attention. She is a despicable individual…so go back home, Jill. You’re no longer aloud in the housewives world! You have overstayed your welcome.

  4. My goodness, talk about a bad looser!! Jill please just stop and move on.
    You are truly embarrassing yourself!! You are like a nasty boil that refuses to disintegrate!! Nothing seems to make you happy. You were always complaining & moaning about something when you were on the show. Clearly, you are miserable in your “off camera” life as well.. Maybe a little personal therapy would help? You are so blessed in your life, sit back take a breath and enjoy. Stop being bitter & ugly!

  5. Jill Zarin is an idiot! An attention craving idiot! The only thing that’s over is Jill Zarin!!
    She is getting really desperate lately.

  6. I think you people are a little bit hard on Jill and and seriously I think she might have a point!! To be honest with you everyone is getting tired of all the nastiness & & the bullying!!! No more family attacking family the RHONJ is getting very dark and I am not going to watch S5 if its going to be like S3 & S4 where Teresa Giudice gets bullied all season long again!!!

  7. Leave Jill alone. When she left the RHONY went down hill. How’s Bethanny’s life working? You haters just don’t like Jill telling the truth. Keep it up Jill, I’m with you.

  8. I think there’s some bitterness where Jill’s concerned. Sure RHONY isn’t the same, but I think the rest of the cities are doing just fine.

  9. Jill Zarin is an attention junkie, and has been behaving badly on and off camera since the show started… Shen is obviously bitter but the truth is that the House Wives franchise is successful but very dark and nasty… When was the last time you ever saw these ladies have fun around each other… most of the cast members just gossip about each other in ways that would ruin any normal friendship…
    These women have children and most of them are so wretched that I would not even let them dog sit… Andy Cohen has basically become the Jerry Springer of our decade… He may be more adorable but he is still a fiendish puppet master… Let’s stop watching these social death matches until they start balancing the bitchiness with some fun….

  10. If the show about housewives is correct why do they keep hiring single women. In the real world of housewives I don’t know many housewives who can jet around the world and drop thousands of dollars on handbags and shoes. This real housewives franchise is all BS. There is no talent in acting at all. There are many felons on or related to the show, a few strippers and escorts(prostitutes)in the past and some in the here and now. One rule of thumb they seem to do is if you can’t afford something well then you steal,lie and commit fraud of all types just to get what you want. If and when they get caught by the law, well then you cry and cry and start telling everyone that I’ll pray and pray and hope it all goes away. So sorry but I don’t think God is going to make it all o.k. You say your a catholic and very religious like alot of catholics, but you don’t go to mass on a weekly basis you are what we call a CandE christmas and easter catholic. You break numerous commandments and then cry and blame everyone for your troubles, you take mommy’s old school recipes and aunt’s and family members recipes throw them together and sell it for a profit for you never give credit or money to the family members you just ripped off. You still lie and cheat the Gov’t. and all the businesses you ripped off and owe thousands to. They have families too,their children are entitled to have gifts for christmas just as you say your children are entitled too,only difference is your children get gifts on other peoples dime,your such a mother. But you keep telling the world how much your praying for your family and when you get over this hurdle, we will all see how much you have changed or not. Try getting a regular 40hr a wk job like many down to earth mother’s and father’s do,try to be honest. You got off way to easy you should have got the max jail time and not a club med sentence for a year. Your husband should be sent back to italy and put in prison there and live out his remainder of his life in Italy since he already spit on the Americans by his stealing fraudulent ways he should be kicked out and sent packing back to Italy and good rhythms. I only hope this franchise which is a sham according to the giudice family start doing background checks and drug checks on all of them or shut them all down and start over with a more honest family show that would make America proud instead of this stain on how American’s live by being FRAUDULENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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