Jill Zarin Secretly Recorded Her Interview With Andy Cohen?! Andy Responds!

When former Real Housewife of New York, Jill Zarin, pre-taped her one-on-one interview with Andy Cohen it turns out she recorded their interview! Andy tweeted today, “Beware former Housewives with tape recorders!!” Twittersphere was buzzing with what was going on. Jill replied to Andy’s tweet with, “This is why we all love you!!!” Andy let the cat out of the bag firing back, “@Jillzarin if you loved me you wouldn’t secretly tape me!”

Jill Zarin admitted to Page Six that a friend recorded the interview only for her protection. “Someone in my party did use an iPhone, because they love me and wanted to protect me . . . to make sure I remembered what I said, and that what I said was accurately edited. It was for my own protection.”

Jill responded to the backlash she received on Twitter by saying, “No war.. Peace and love. It was great interview with 1.3 million viewers. I think Andy is cute and funny and like big brother.”

Wow… that’s really all I can say. I want to hear what YOU think of this!

Tell Us- Should Jill have recorded the interview?

Photo Credit: Twitter


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