Jill Zarin Feels “Vindicated” After WWHL Interview!

1.3 million viewers tuned in to watch Jill Zarin’s return to Bravo on Monday night. Andy Cohen interviewed the former disgruntled housewife on a 30 minute, special, WWHL episode. They discussed why Jill was fired, ratings, favoritism on the network, and even the new cast of RHONY.

“How do they feel, Simon and Alex? After the show it’s very hard to get a regular job,” Jill said. “Fame doesn’t go away so fast, but once you are fired you lose your publicist and income. I would love to know if they [Bravo] think they have an obligation.”

As we reported, after the interview, Andy Cohen took to his Twitter to defend any accusations that he was biased, something that Jill doesn’t believe is true.

“Andy looked in shock when I accused him of picking sides, he looked perplexed. How do you think we all felt when he had Skinnygirl behind him for two years? He didn’t put Ramona’s or Teresa drinks behind him. It’s not me saying it; we all thought it,” Zarin said.

The cast shake-up that Bravo had anticipated to bring up ratings hasn’t been successful. BravoRatings.com reports ratings have declined 21% this season from last and are down 25% in the 18-49 demographic, despite Andy saying the network was pleased with the reaction from viewers. This leaves Jill to gloat, that the network should bring her back, along with Alex and Kelly. Jill says, “Whoever was responsible for this disaster, should be fired,” adding, “I feel vindicated.”

As we reported earlier, A Bravo insider comments, “Jill will not be returning to the show.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo