Jill Zarin Very Excited About Her RHONY Return

RHONY veteran Jill Zarin is very excited to make a cameo in the new season of the show.

“The secret is out! I do pop in this season for a cameo on Real Housewives of New York!” she wrote on Instagram about her big cameo, alongside a vintage cast photo toasting cosmos. “It was a thrill to film again and reminded me of how much fun we had back in the day. Thank you for all your love and support. Bobby and I had a great time even if only for a moment.”

Are you excited to see Jill return?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Am I excited to see Jill back on the show, NO!

What I would LOVE to see is Jill interacting with Bethany–now that’s something I want to see!

Just the fact that Bravo brought her back says a lot. Bethenny can’t be happy about it.

I am glad she’s back. I think she learns from her mistakes and I hope the viewers will give her a second chance.

She doesn’t deserve a second chance. I hope viewer don’t forget all the horrible things she did and never accepts her back.

What horrible things?

Oh my – were you not around at that time? She used to get on the blogs and threaten bloggers. She went on Amazon after her book came out and wrote glowing reviews about it under the name of Susan Sanders. When a blogger who didn’t like her DIED, she said it was Karma for the way she had been treated by the blogger. On Celebrity Wife Swap she sat around the house with a copy of that awful book in her hand, pointed toward the camera, as if she were reading it. While on that show she actually told… Read more »

Yeah…okay…most of that cannot be corroborated and is just Internet lore…but she definitely was a little pushy…although I have certainly seen a lot worse from many housewives who are still on their shows. She is also a good wife, mother, daughter, sister, and a loyal friend and I think she deserves a second chance

No, it’s not internet lore. There were people I knew who talked to Simon on a regular basis and one who was at their house an met their sons. Simon and Alex were in the middle of all of it and communicated with several of us. She is the biggest fame whore Bravo ever produced and that is saying something. Not sure of the rest, but a loyal friend she is NOT and that played out for all to see.

Simon and Alex? Hardly an unbiased source…as I recall, neither of them were too happy about Jill’s opinions regarding their children’s behavior or their decorating style or their relationship. It all came to a head, I think, when Simon got involved with a website called “I Hate Jill Zarin” and Jill called him out on it.
Let’s just wait and see what happens when she returns this season.

That’s correct. Simon, when confronted, lied and said he had nothing to do with the site. However, the whole Susan Sanders bit I saw for myself. I saw where she threatened a bloggers pet and said that Lynn’s death was Karma for having a hate blog about Jill (which it was not, despite the name) and we’ve all seen her bait people she called into bad mouthing someone sitting next to her. What I’m saying is, it is not “internet lore” it happened and Jill is vile.

I’m with you, JA Mary. Jill proved herself to be very disloyal. I don’t care if it’s on a show, how long ago it was, whether it was online, or whatever. I personally didn’t need to see any more than what I saw on the show. She was in her 50’s when she played a personal phone message for everyone. To lie and say Bethenny practically stole money from her, which was not true. To make it look as though Bethenny knew Bobby had cancer, when Jill KNEW Bethenny did not know, and put rumors all over the world, which… Read more »

Thanks 3D. If she does wind up coming back, I just hope people don’t forget how truly vile she is to the core of her being. It’s not just “internet lore”, the woman is truly sick.

Yeah!!!!! Love Love Love Jill. Bring her back FULL TIME. Get rid of drunkidy drunk drunk drunk Sonja. Im so tired of hearing about the stuff she does not have. She lives in a delusional world. Jill lives in reality and tells it like it is. She would be sooooo awesome interacting with all the girls she filmed with years ago.Got to love me some Jill.

I think Jill is a liar, a sneak and a cheat. It will be interesting to see what her cameo shows. I wonder if it will turn into a full time role? I liked Jill, as most did, until her really creepy side showed. One thing I will say about Bethenny is that I have never one time read or heard her let go of a secret. Naturally she has flaws, as all humans do. They are just different than the flaws most women have. I think, for example, that when Dorinda said at reunion about feeling “bad” when leaving… Read more »

Stands up and applauds!!!

Nice post!

Jill, stay home with your sick husband. He needs you much more than you need the fame !

I agree with you CA from LA. She should stay home and care for Bobby. If they bring her back full time then I am really done. It’s bad enough the Countass is back but both of them oh hell NO.

Yuk… all we need… another fame W hore.
Go home Jill

Thanks Miss M.
Hey… was that you who turned me on to cake flour when making pie crust?
If so…my family thanks you…best crust ever!

So looking forward to seeing Jill again!! This time hopefully without the negativity. In the beginning when she use to bring ppl together was a great quality she has. So tired of Bethennys rage, jealousy, insecurity, negativity, self righteousness, superiority. Fake happiness. Flip flop personality. The show can stand completely without her. Bring back Jill and let’s make this a fun show again!!!

Team ❤️ Bethenny. Bethenny is the one who worked for her money, not Jill. Jill married hers.


Frank Van Der Heijden

To see her is as exciting as having an enema of Icy Hot….I’ll leave it at that

Not a Housewife & Neither RU

sigh…….the thirst…anyway, I hope the producers have more in store than Jill Zarin? the only reason we want to see Jill is for Bethany’s reaction and I doubt they even film together.

I have some vegans in my immediate family…and it works so well with either butter or Crisco. Thanks, Baker chick!

I will definitely check that out…I love to cook, but I am running out of ways to adapt some of the family favorites. Thanks, Miss M…aka Baker chick.

Well her & Danielle begged hard enough, might as well let them come back. Anybody who begged as hard as they did deserves another shot!