Jill Zarin Doesn’t Believe Bethenny’s Friend Sent Her The Photo Of Tom Cheating Last Year

As many of you know by now, RHONY veteran Jill Zarin will be making an appearance on the new season and she is doing press about the show. She’s not holding back about how she feels about her co-stars, especially Ramona Singer.

Jill was “shocked” when the Tom cheating scandal broke. She scoffs, “I mean, how stupid was he?!” She chalks it up to a drunken mistake. “Bethenny said that a friend of hers sent her that photo – I don’t believe her. Her friends don’t know who Tom is or what he looks like, so how’d that happen?”

So what did Jill think of Luann’s decision to marry Tom anyway? “I’m a grownup and this her second marriage. If she loves him and he made a mistake and he apologized – move on. Go for it.”

However, Jill does rip into Ramona for “starting another rumor” that Tom is cheating. “I don’t think it’s true. You know how I feel about Ramona.”

“Ramona and I will always be, unfortunately, connected because socially we share a lot of friends,” Jill says. Although I say to my friends, ‘Why are you friends with her?’ It’s like a love-hate relationship with this woman. When she’s nice to me, I fall for it every time. When Ramona wants something from me, she starts hovering around me.”

Jill claims Ramona sucks up to her every summer because Jill throws a big celeb and society-studded Hamptons party – which also feature lavish gift bags. Last summer, Ramona decided to invite herself. “So she emails me, ‘Can I come to your party?’ Oh you can’t believe her. It gets better,” Jill warns. “So I say to her that she can come – she wanted to bring her daughter. And Bobby’s like, ‘I don’t know why you do these things?’”

Jill had spent the winter in FL dealing with Bobby’s health (his cancer returned). “I always like to be invited. It’s just a theme in my life. So, I find out she had this big birthday party in November and she didn’t invite me. It hurt my feelings. I’m not gonna lie. I wouldn’t have gone anyway, but all my friends were there and she is always hustling me to come to my party every year, then she has a party and doesn’t invite me!”

“I didn’t want to start with Ramona; I don’t want to fight with Ramona,” insists Jill, “We kiss, we say hello, it’s all fake and phony and it’s all good. And then the show starts … and I have a cameo.”

“I feel like Ramona thinks I stole thunder away from the cast,” Jill complains. “I guess because the press was writing about me coming back and not writing about her coming back for the ninth time with no story line and no husband!”

Photo Credit: Bravo