Jill Zarin And Bethenny Frankel Returning To RHONY? Andy Responds


They say this is how rumors get started…

Aviva Drescher called in to The Gossip Table to dish on her fight with Carole Radziwill on Tuesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. “We’re gonna have a big war tonight,” Aviva says of the episode. “Big, big, big epic Housewives fight, we call it ‘book-gate.'”

It’s no secret that Aviva will be feuding with Carole and Heather Thomson this season, and she revealed a rumor she had heard about the possibility of Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin returning to the show. “I heard they’re gonna replace Heather Thomson and Carole,” Aviva joked about the possible return. “Heather and Carole are trying to be like Ramona and Sonja, they’re not, so I heard that Jill and Bethenny might come back and boot them off the show!”

Carole appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen after the episode aired and asked Andy to comment on what Aviva had said. Cohen, who seemed shocked by Aviva’s theory, said, “Oh my god… Daddy has enough problems in his life.  Oh my lord….”

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3 Replies to “Jill Zarin And Bethenny Frankel Returning To RHONY? Andy Responds”

  1. This is a crock of crap. No way would Bethanny come back she has moved on to bigger things. So what she’s not a talk show host, she gave it a go. She is a multimillionaire because of her cocktail line and she will be fine. As far a Jill that is a joke she and Bravo fought it out years ago no way would they let her return. I think it would be highly embarrassing if she ever did. Lastly who the hell is ever going to believe Aviva? She might be book intelligent but she is socially inept. She has no ability to be around people and just be a nice person. The fact that she told everyone she spent a million dollars on her prosthesis is just rude. She has no idea how fortunate she is to have had a family with the finances to buy custom legs with freckles and perfect toes etc. most people are lucky to get what they get even if it’s far from perfect. Aviva your a drama queen pleSe do us all a favor and take your sex addicted disgusting father and fade away. Heather and Carole are so far superior to you. They have grace and character. I love their sassy ness . I fast forward through Aviva because she is either kissing Ass ( telling Carol she was her hero) or having a meltdown. Last thing I’d like to say…. I had extreme anxiety after my husband passed away, I was home bound, I counted, I was afraid to be away from a phone in fear of not being able to get help… The list goes on. The first day I faced my fears was the most liberating day of my life. I walked outside and took each of my problems and took the step to free myself. I’m 100% back to normal one thing I did not do is force my fears on others I took back my life. Step up and face your issues Aviva one by one. The problem with you is you use it as a crutch to get attention. We don’t want to hear anymore why you can’t. If you wasn’t attention show everyone why you have to get over it. You love being the center of attention I’m done sorry for the length

  2. I really loved seasons 1-4 of the housewives. Jill and Bethenny were my favorites. You were able to see so much of their lives which is something you don’t get from a lot of the housewives. Plus they were both funny. I watch season 2 still and still chuckle. Get rid of Aviva and Kristen. They’re boring and it seems obvious that they only hang out with the other housewives for filming. Bring back at least Jill and LuAnn… please. The show kind of sucks now.

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