Jill Zarin On Bethenny: I Don’t See The Same Person Anymore

Even though Bethenny Frankel and former RHONY star Jill Zarin haven’t had a friendship in 7 years that doesn’t mean that Jill still doesn’t keep up with Bethenny and give her opinions about her.

Jill recently spoke with the Daily Dish and said, “I don’t see the same person anymore,” Jill says about the Bethenny we see today versus the Bethenny she used to spend summers with in her Hamptons home. “I don’t. But that’s not a bad thing. It’s just a growing thing. You know, she’s a mom now, she wasn’t a mom then. [You have] to grow up fast when you’re a mom. Now you’re responsible for another human being. When she was with me, she was just her. It was all about her. It was just a different time in our lives, the innocent time. Life was easy.”

Jill did say that it was hard to see Bethenny go through so many different things in season three, including their friendship coming to and end.

“I don’t know too many people who could survive what she survived. She had four major life changes all happen to her at the same time. She lost a parent, she got pregnant, she moved— I don’t know if people realize that she was moving from her apartment to Downtown— and she was planning her wedding… I really wanted to be there for her, but she did not want me in her life, and I couldn’t force that. You can’t force yourself on someone.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Watching in Ohio

    BF cannot sustain a relationship with anyone! Not a man or a woman! She’s too psychotic and bipolar! One minute she’s flipping out on someone screaming and lambasting them..then she goes mother Theresa.. I care..I’m concerned! Don’t believe her for a brew York minute! She doesn’t care about anyone but “me, myself and I”! She scares the crap out of me and I dont have to deal w her! Truth is she’s just a vicious self obsorbed little narcissist ! When so look at her I can see all the tale tell signs of bulimia/anorexia! She’s got some REAL issues and ..This Dennis guy may be getting some tail..but spider woman is gonna kill him and eat him too! Don’t feel sorry for him.. he deserves it! They deserve each other!

    • Alex

      Dennis and Bethenny broke up months ago.

  • Mufffie

    Jill, just go away
    you’re are still trying to crawl up her ass !

    • JMo

      Yes, Jill just go away!

  • 80s gal

    I hope Jill is being sincere because she was mean as shit towards Bethenny in the past and acted quite jealous of her. Bethenny can be quite harsh most of the times but she’s honest and tells it like it is. she does look very thin…too thin, but that can be all stress relates. I hope it’s not an eating disorder.