Jennifer Lawrence Admits Kelly Dodd Scares Her, Kelly Responds

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, actress Jennifer Lawrence admitted that she was scared of Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd.

During a game where Andy highlighted this year on Bravo, Jennifer gave her opinions about The Real Housewives and Vanderpump Rules (clip below). When she was asked about her thoughts on new Housewife Kelly Dodd, Jennifer laughed and said, “I don’t want to say anything, because I truly feel like she’ll show up to my house with a baseball bat.”

Another viewer asked Jennifer if she saw a Bravoleb approaching her, which one would make her call security. She immediately answered, “Kelly Dodd.”

Kelly took to Instagram to respond to Lawrence’s comments about her. “I’m sad that @jenniferlawrencepx is scared of me?”

I’m sad that @jenniferlawrencepx is scared of me?

A video posted by Kelly Dodd🍾 (@rhoc_kellyddodd) on

Photo Credit: Bravo

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You’re sad? Sorry Kelly, that is one emotion you don’t know how to SCREAM at people. You asked for this Kelly, and a whole lot more. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. As ALL of you ladies say.. OWN IT. Your behavior is/was absolutely despicable, hateful and you have a black heart. Good riddance to you and your enabling husband… ex-husband, soon to be ex husband, human punching bag or whatever he is to you.

MUHAHAHAHAHA!! Love you J Law !!!!! I’m still laughing

She would scare anyone! Xoxoxoxoxox

I read that she was voted the #1 HW on TV guide or some publication. What???? Just goes to show you , we sure are in the minority here. She’s atrocious !

Huh????? That ridiculous, she is second Vicki who is the worse!

Totally agree!
Hi Suze. Hope you’re doing well. Happy Christmas to you.

Ha Ha Ha……of course she’s scared of her. Kelly Dodd is bat shit crazy!! The only person who doesn’t know she’s crazy is the crazy person herself.

Jennifer Lawrence is so annoying!! I mean enough with Kelly, there have been housewives who’ve done worse, Rinna threw a freaking glass, Tamra threw wine and so did Brandi, oh Brandi also slapped LVP and Tamra pushed Kelly, Teresa flipped a table at Danielle, Joanna Krupa got into a physical fight with Adriana and I could go on and on, just because you don’t like Kelly doesn’t mean she’s the devil, we’ve seen worse IMO!! If Kelly had done one of those things, she would have been…I don’t know what!!

Kelly is an obnoxious drunk angry cow . On a good day !

She’s an atrocious vile hefer

You’re worse, since you don’t have any problems at calling her nasty names, are you drunk too or is it just natural?

She’s a idiot alcoholic gold digger hefer

And a rambling bafoon

And you’re nuts, calm down for God’s sake, it’s just reality tv, take a xanax or something!!

So it’s just reality tv, why are you here getting all riled up ?? I’ll leave the xanax and booze to your darling Kelly, the drink dummy from OC

Besides you just said that you’re not gonna watch the next season, so why are you still here commenting under Kelly related posts, go away and take your bitterness with you!! Bye Felicia!!

She’s a drunk cow and a horrible human being wether I watch or not . What a horrible example for her lovely daughter . Are you Kelly??? You seem very invested in this lol. Get help Kelly! Go to rehab or get an exorcism or something

Ps bye Felicia is soooo last year

Go away, you and your angry comments and climb down off your high horse!!

Bye Felicia (so last year)

You started this Kelly!! So you drink because you’re a boring old cow ?? Or is it in your genes?? You and bitch Vicki friends or that all for tv ??
Go to rehab Felicia !! Muhahahahaha

Bye Kelly is the new bye Felicia muhahahahaha

I don’t think so, since Kelly is here to stay!! Bye Rain is the new Bye Felicia!!

I like bye Rain! Let’s make that a thing Kelly! Will and Vicki help me?! Bye Rain! Luv it .
So when is rehab Kelly?

You have serious problems girl, I’m not gonna reply to your posts anymore, seriously get help, go to anger management class!! YOU scare me, not Kelly!! Goodbye psycho!!

Good night Kelly! Rehab gurl, rehab!

Did Michael throw you out yet? Is it your drinking ?

Way are you calling me Kelly? Just because I like her doesn’t mean I’m her, I mean are you serious? You have mental problems girl! Bye Rain or Snow or Sun or whatever your stupid name is!!

Bye Kelly!

I thought you weren’t replying to Rains comments anymore! Have a good Christmas Kelly, I think the booze has been locked up this year! Never mind you can always go to sweet Vicki, she loves it when you show yourself up it takes the heat off of her!
Rain isnt going anywhere just FYI!

Right on Suze. Enjoy the black hole in your heart that you fill with a never ending stream of booze, insult people, act petty, jealous and childish and I won’t even touch the disgusting language. Bye Kelly.
Anything you want to say to me Max?


Hold on here Max/Kelly. You can like anyone you want. You do not get to throw shade at my girl Rain. When you take her on, you also take on me. We enjoy a fun debate, but to say all this bat shit, Kelly Doo Doo, crazy stuff is not necessary. So, yeah, I’m with Rain, Bye Kelly!


Hello Kelly!!!! Yay!! Any hang over?? I thought you were done ? Guess not!! Bye rain lol

That’s the first time I have agreed with you! You are right you are pathetic!

No you are, I’ve read your comments for months and moths on this website and I literally laughed my ass off, you’re so conservative and small minded that it makes me wanna throw up!! You’re beyond pathetic, you and your group of judgmental friends!! I really feel bad for all of you!!

You obviously haven’t been reading either my comments or Rains’. As I am over the other side of the pond the only conservative in my life is the political party. On that note I am done with you and this thread just grow up for goodness sake. Act like a adult human being for a change! Bye Kelly.

I know where you’re from since you write it in every single comment, go away and watch your UK shows!!Lame!!

I think you have it the other way around. Us, conservative, ha ha ha ha ha.
Honey, go sleep it off.

Good Morning Kelly. The one you see in the middle is the real one. Bye, Rain.

I like Kelly and I also like Vicki, so what? I don’t consider myself stupid, so you should be careful with your words, cause you may end up being worse than the person you’re actually judging!!

I’ll take my chances

What a childish reply!! and yet we’re the stupid ones? Go figure!!

If the shoe fits!

Hi Miss M, it must have been either upside down or completed by her, no other way would a skanky foul mouthed female like her get to the top. I would like to see a poll here!

I guess she’ll stop by later to apologize and then get drunk again.

Thank you ! A few years ago we spent a Hogmanay in Inverness….OMG! It was the best. I haven’t had that much fun since I was a teen. You Scott’s know how to do it!!

May 2017 be a healthy and happy year, Suze.

Conservative for both of us makes me laugh out loud. My hubbie wishes I was at times! I’m done now with this troll. Stupid!