Jennifer Dalton Says Teresa Giudice Was In High Spirits Following Court Apperance


Teresa Giudice’s friend, Jennifer Dalton, is speaking to Inside Edition about Teresa’s recent indictment and shares how Teresa is doing since she and her husband, Joe, surrendered themselves to the federal government on July 29th.

“I spoke to her after court, she called me. She was in high spirits everything seemed to be fine, she’s handling everything very well considering the circumstances. I know one thing is that Teresa is a good person, loyal to the end,” Jennifer says. “She is amazing. Like I said, there’s not a better mother than her, there’s not a better wife than her, there’s not a better daughter than her. Nothing. She is all around the most amazing woman and it breaks my heart that she’s going through this.”

In an interview with E!, Dalton says the Giudices are taking the situation very seriously. “This is not reality TV, this is Teresa’s life, involving her husband and her four kids,” Jen says. “Regardless of the outcome, the kids will be affected by this.” Adding, “They’re not taking it lightly, but at the same time they’re doing their day to day. They’re spending time as a family. They haven’t stopped doing what they do on a daily basis.”

Jennifer describes Teresa as “the most loving person, but she will fight for what she believes in. She’s not going to just sit back and let people talk about her or disrespect her or her family.” Adding, “The world needs to know this side of her. People that are close to her, that have known her for a while and know this side of her…it’s heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking what she’s going through right now and it hurts me.”

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2 Replies to “Jennifer Dalton Says Teresa Giudice Was In High Spirits Following Court Apperance”

  1. Ha ha ha ha! People are such idiots.

    This is the same woman that betrayed Teresa to Melissa. She says and does whatever she needs to do at the time for her own self gain. She’s probably looking to swoop in on the house and sell it. Duh. When she’s gotten what she wants she’ll turn face on Teresa..again.

    But then again, psychopaths do tend to get people that think like them. They understand the way each other thinks and they will stick together every time, especially against someone else. Similarly they dislike, and target, a certain kind of person – they target good people. The classic character assassination is to call people fake and vilify their life to shreds. Facts, psych 101. Although even Google or Bing can affirm. These people are so classic it makes me ill. But not as ill as all of the needy sheep that follow along and support people like this woman and Teresa. They are just as sick. Good people see through people like this BECAUSE they don’t think like this..the rest think it’s normal and blindly lap up lies, rumors, and manipulations from people like this woman. It’s alarming that anyone defends Teresa. It’s more alarming how many people suck up the calculated web she spins simply to hurt Melissa and/or make herself out as something she’s not. Thus the whole fake accusations to others – deflection at it’s best. This whole interview is part of that web. But Dalton gets it – she’s part of it. The disgusting world of psychopaths and their minions; the disgusting world we live in.

    “There’s not a better mother than her.” Barf. Good mothers have good kids. Gia and Milania’s behavior is out of control.

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