Jennifer Dalton Calls Kim D A “Trannie” & Says She’s Jealous!


The battle between Real Housewives of New Jersey friends Kim D and Jennifer Dalton continues! Last week Jennifer gave an interview where she slammed Teresa’s BFF, Kim, saying Kim causes too many problems for Teresa. Kim fired back at Jen calling her a “dirtbag” and “insignificant.” Kim also revealed that Jennifer gave up three of her kids to their fathers. Now, Jennifer reached out to RealityTea to get one last dig in.

“To dignify Kim D’s desperate and pathetic rebuttal would only justify her credibility, and take me to a very low plane. So, I will just say this: “jealousy” brings all “losers” to the forefront.” Edited to add: Jennifer also zinged “now I have this “trannie”, oops I mean “grannie”, on my tail,” Jen said.

As we previously reported, Kim and Jennifer will come to blows in a huge fight at the end of Season 5. So I have a feeling this is just the beginning.

Photo Credit: Bravo