Jennifer Dalton Accused Of Making Terroristic Threats Towards Kim D!


There is a new feud brewing on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and this time it’s not between Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga! As we previously reported, Kim DePaola and Jennifer Dalton will have a major fight in season 5, but now the feud could involve the police! Kim told Tom Murro, that Jennifer is threatening her!

“Jen said she’s going to send some of her ghetto thugs to take care of her if she [Kim] doesn’t shut her f–king mouth,” Tom tells RealityTea. “Kim’s friends are worried but Kim [is] not scared.” But Kim has her own message to Jennifer, “Jen better watch her own a$$. If anyone touches a hair on my head she’ll be heading back to jail, I guess the previous times weren’t enough.”

“Jen isn’t used to how these ladies play the game,” Tom adds.

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4 Replies to “Jennifer Dalton Accused Of Making Terroristic Threats Towards Kim D!”

  1. Could it be that Kim D and Jennifer want to be Housewives with taglines and private interviews? A twitter war might help…..Look what Melissa accomplished with posted her Christmas sprinkle cookie story on face book.

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