Jennifer Aydin Reveals How She Was Cast For RHONJ Season 9

We will be introduced to Jennifer Aydin when the Real Housewives of New Jersey premieres next week. In a new interview, Aydin shares how she will bring back “old-school” values to the show, talks about her Turkish culture, shares how she got along with the other women and more.

Jennifer is of Turkish descent and she’s a mom of five kids — two girls and three boys ranging in ages from 5 to 13 years old — so she shares a lot of similarities and differences with her fellow co-stars.

“I’m really just housewife at the end of the day but I’m old-school as far as tradition and I feel like I bring a lot of that to the show,” she exclusively revealed to Life & Style. “I bring back old-school values and when I say old-school values, it’s not something that the audience is familiar with, like Italians, because Turkish culture is a lot different than American Italian but it’s actually similar to old-school Italian where we believe in you know family comes first and always being hospitable and your family name is very important — doing things to ruin that or shame that is also very frowned upon. So we do our best to keep a good name and tradition and culture. That’s really what I bring to the table and I’m funny, I’m funny. I can make you pee in your pants if you have me on the phone long enough.”

Jennifer is married to successful NJ-based plastic surgeon Dr. Bill Aydin, and that’s actually how she met her fellow RHONJ co-star, Dolores Catania. She also knew her other RHONJ co-star Melissa Gorga because they would run into each other frequently while they were out and about in Bergen County.

“I knew Dolores,” Jennifer told the mag. “Dolores was a surgical clerk with my husband — small world Bergen County. And I was friends with Melissa, more like good acquaintances because we share the same stylists, and you know in Bergen County, every time we ran into each other it was always like a, ‘Hey, how are you? How are you doing?’ So yeah I definitely knew Dolores and Melissa, were the two that I knew personally.”

Jennifer admits she always wanted to be on the show, and pays tribute to her relationships with Dolores and Melissa to get her on.

“You know what, I always thought that I was good for that show when it first came on, just only because I’m very opinionated, but I’m also a very rational and reasonable person that likes to talk things through and move on,” she explained. “So sure, I always wanted to be on the show but really Dolores and Melissa were the catalysts of me getting on.”


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