Jenni Pulos Speaks Out About Her Fight With Kelly Dodd On WWHL


Jenni Pulos is revealing the truth behind her fight with Kelly Dodd on Watch What Happens Live. She shares that Shannon Beador is a “loyal friend” to her and she was just sticking up for her on a recent appearance on the show.

“I had questions sure but I didn’t mean to – you know, some people on social media said that I attacked her,” Pulos told RadarOnline. “I just think I was asking questions about things that happened, but I did say to her at the end, ‘I really think that you both should kind of find your happy place. Make it right.’”

“I’m surprised at some of the things that were said that were untrue about before the show because there was actually things that happened which we don’t need to get into,” she explained. “But you know what, you have to take what people say and move on because I know what really happened.”

“I stuck up for my friend because she’s been through a lot with it and you’ll see that,” she explained. “But some things that she said were untrue with what happened that night, so I don’t want to blow it up again. I just want it to be done.”

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12 Replies to “Jenni Pulos Speaks Out About Her Fight With Kelly Dodd On WWHL”

  1. Um Jenny? You did NOTHING wrong. That beast needs to be in a strait jacket. I cannot WAIT till the reunion and she has NOBODY in her corner but that lying old hag CancerVicki

    1. Not exactly, but not far off. Jeff & Jenny have done business with Shannon: she hired his design firm to redo the house for her sorority at USC (of which she was President for a bit)…

  2. That show was so awkward to watch, I was surprised, but not SO surprised to see how obvious Jenny was in her dislike for Kelly.

  3. They world is ruled by the bottom line – the all mighty dollar. Bravo is no different. In the realm of Reality TV, all the discord/turmoil/fighting/arguments/backstabbing & lies all translate into advertising dollars. No problem, it’s a fact of life, like it or not, it is what pays the bills and inadvertently helps keep all of us entertained. BUT
    There is a fine line between sarcastically veiled yet intended entertainment for ratings & revenue, and the plain downright obvious white trash with cash. Kelly Dodd/RHOOC is the Supreme Grand Dam’e representing her group. Teresa Guidice/RHONJ is her right hand Supreme Grand Ditches. Vicki G/RHOOC is to stupid worrying about her “love tank” being empty to be anything other than a minion to this bunch of b’tchas•. Unfortunately this rash of vile, classless intended entertainment is spreading across Bravo faster than a crop of Zika infected mosquitos. Included but not limited to these scourge of Bravoittes, Joe Guidic/RHONJ. OK,slight brain fart, gotta go hook-up full names of the other scourge.

  4. OK, seems I can’t revise the previous post. I will just add anew. So here goes on the scourge of Bravo in my opinion. Also, some qualifying notes on what individual actions some of these people did, that got them put on such a prestigious list. Kenya Moore/RHOA, Nene Leaks/RHOA (yo-yo residence), Danielle Staub/RHONJ, Jim Marcasite/RHONJ (terminal case of little man syndrome), Kelli Bensimone/RHONY (DANGEROUS PSYCHOTIC), Simon McCord/RHONY (menial size of his member syndrome), Aviva Drescher/RHONY (and her father, his wife and her husband), and lest we forget Bethany Frankel-Hoppe (oops!) make that just Frankel (amazing how money can change a person at their innermost core. Her jealousy over Jason’s popularity, his relationship with his family/friends back home was insecurity times X10,000.

  5. You just can’t over think or over analyze reality shows. I enjoy seeing women of different ages interact, the good, the bad and the ugly. I watch NFL to get my testosterone out and I watch Real Housewives to watch women say and do things I really couldn’t. Cheaper than therapy. I miss the Mob Wives!!

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