Jeana Keough


Seasons 1-5

“Money is a girl’s best friend. And I love friends.”

“It doesn’t matter what happens in life, I do it my way.”

“I love money and now I’m loving life.”

“I have always wanted things. I crave money.”

“It’s just money, you can’t take it with you.”

Sign: Virgo

Jeana Keough /ˈkiːoʊ/ (born September 18, 1955) is a former Playboy Playmate of the Month (November 1980, under the name Jeana Tomasino) and actress (featured in the 1981 film History of the World, Part 1 and in the 1982 movie Beach Girls) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Jeana was also featured in ZZ Top’s video’s. In Season 3, she legally separated from her second husband, Matt Keough, with whom she has three children: Shane, Kara, and Colton. Matt is a former major league pitcher for the Oakland A’s and several other major league teams.

Keough often described her experience as a mother as tough and her children are often seen battling with one another over the usual sibling rivalries and the not so usual sibling rivalries, such as who has the newer BMW. Kara talks on-air about her family dynamic by saying, “We show our love by buying each other things.” During both Seasons 1 and 2, Keough explained that Matt was often out of town on business which left her as the primary parent and disciplinarian to her three children, which resulted in a very hectic household. Part of this absence can be attributed to Matt’s serving time in jail for a drunk driving accident in which he hit a bicyclist. Season 2 continued to document Keough’s marital struggle and one of her closing statements is, “We have four houses; he [Matt] can choose one.”

In Season 3, Keough’s Coto family has gotten smaller as she and Matt have legally separated, and Colton is the only child living consistently at home. Shane plays minor league baseball out of state and Kara (a former child actor) prepares to attend UC Berkeley in Northern California. In prior seasons, Colton was depicted as the reasonable, obedient, down-to-earth child with Keough describing him as her “golden child”. However, this season shows Colton defying his mother, Coto HOA rules, and traffic laws; with Keough now saying that she doesn’t trust Colton alone and she really wants to keep a closer eye on him.

In the opening scenes of Season 4, Keough and Matt still live in the same house with Keough explaining that she takes in all types of people into her house, so “why wouldn’t she let the father of her children live in her home?” Despite their close living quarters, Keough asserts that she and Matt are definitely separated and she has just redecorated her master bedroom as a show of her independence. With Shane and Kara living in different cities, Colton remains the only child living with her and Keough relies on family friend “Uncle Richie” to act as a father figure for him (such as helping Colton get ready for prom). With the downturn of the real estate market, and California particularly hard hit, a portion of Keough’s Season 4 storyline depicts how the market lows and the recession has affected Keough’s occupation as a high-end realtor. The extreme real estate downturn in Orange County since 2005 has severely impacted the Keoughs’ financial position. Jeana and Matt lost the residences which they bought for their children during the boom, but averted the loss of their home in March 2010.

The third episode of Season 5 was Keough’s last appearance as a regular on the show, although she has made later cameo appearances.

Keough returned to Bravo in September 2010 on the fitness series Thintervention with Jackie Warner as a weight-loss client.