Jax Taylor’s Reaction to Stassi Schroeder’s Break Up

Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder revealed earlier this summer that she and long-time boyfriend Patrick Meagher are no longer dating, as Patrick called things off right before a couple’s trip to Mexico.

Another one of Stassi’s exes, and co-star on Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor is giving his thoughts on Stassi’s breakup.

“I just feel like he wasn’t supportive enough for her,” he told The Daily Dish. “She was trying and trying and trying and it just didn’t work from what I see. Again, I don’t see what happens behind closed doors.”

With Stassi being newly single, Jax doesn’t see that as being a problem for long. “I can’t give relationship advice to anybody. I’m the worst in the world; I feel like it would be so hypocritical if I gave it. But I feel like Stassi’s a strong person. She’s an amazing girl. She’s hilarious,” Jax said. “I felt like in the last two years, she’s really humbled herself. I think she’s kind of came and she’s kind of found herself, which everyone finds themselves at different points in their life. And I think she needs to focus on her. I think she’s determined. She’s driven. She has a lot going on with her podcast and a lot going on and I think [love will] come when it’s time.”

Aww, how sweet. Who thinks Jax and Stassi will get back together?

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  • Rain

    Oh who cares !! Jax is an imbecile

  • Rain

    Sandy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ So lovely to see you ! Woo hoo .
    This whole cast , except Schwartzy of course , are so self destructive and will sabotage every relationship they’re in.

  • cat62

    Ugh…I sure hope not. I also hope that they soon realize they are actually old a$$ adults and not little kids anymore.

  • Real Sandy

    I did not realize. They are bigger than I thought.
    I added to that post above….
    What kills me is that jerk who bought the company that makes epinephrine pens went and jacked up the price about 400 percent to 800.00 a pair for the medication or something like that.

    • Rain

      That asshole should rot in jail. How much money does one man need ??? I don’t even think it was about the money, he just wanted to be a DOUCHE

      the 5 guys is not in SF itself but there are several outside SF . I love their fries

  • JerseyGirl

    I agree. I think they will get back together. They have an undeniable chemistry like Lisa always says.