Jax Taylor’s Mugshot Revealed


Looks like a little mugshot doesn’t bother the Vanderpump Rules star as you can see in the photograph below! Just four days after Jax Taylor’s arrest, E! News exclusively got the mugshot of the SURver star. He was arrested in Honolulu, Hawaii for stealing a pair of sunglasses in a Sunglass Hut.


The cast of Vanderpump Rules made a trip to Hawaii as they are in the middle of filming the show’s fourth season. The SUR staff was also celebrating Jax’s birthday on the trip and sadly it ended with him behind bars, yet even though he got in a bit of trouble, he is still missing Hawaii!

He tweeted,

Photo Credit: E! News


26 Replies to “Jax Taylor’s Mugshot Revealed”

  1. So will everyone be avoiding Lisa Vanderpumps spin off since it’s associated with criminal like people go on about avoid RHONJ?

    1. I watch VPR occasionally but it would be good if he wasn’t on it!!! Lol I do watch NJ and it would be good if Melissa wasn’t on it!!! We can’t always get what we want! Shame!

      1. I’m just wondering cuz a lot of people here are die hard LVP fans, and a lot of people say they dont watch RHONJ cuz of the criminal connections, and really drag that show and bravo to pieces over it
        I suspect a lot of people wont care that Lisas show has criminals, as there tends to be a double standard were Lisa is involved

        1. You are right! I like LVP, she has a lot of faults but a wonderful life! VPR not so much but maybe if I was younger!! Excuses will be made if Jax stays on the show, I think he is revolting!! There shouldn’t be double standards but there will be here.
          It’s the same, as you very well know with Brandi, people here and other blogs are vicious about her but I like her not always her behaviour but she is real, the others not so much!
          Teresa Guidice I really like but not her husband! Then I love her girls!!! So yes I’m mixed up!!! Lol I will and always have watched NJ Teresa is no more of a criminal then the Gorgas or Lauritas!! Just they haven’t been prosecuted yet!

    2. I would avoid it if it was a show with Jax as THE central figure, and paid him big $$$ because people think he’s the brave victim and a wonderful human, although he’s just a sleazy thief. That’s what the Giudice spin off means to me. Jax is just the joke of any franchise he’s on.

  2. I’m assuming this happened during filming. I’m sure it’ll be a big story line in the show when the new season starts. Jax doesn’t seem to care about much of anything.

  3. He is revolting. This loser is closer to 40. He’s not a starry eyed “kid” waiting tables, struggling to make it. A 5 yr old has more intelligence than him. No VPR for me.

  4. He looks like he is thinking, “I know I’m so photogenic…just a small smile, since everyone will see this mug!” He is so full of himself.
    He is missing Hawaii. Boohoo. Poor Jax. He will be missing a lot more when he is out of a job, and he will be if he continues on this path. He will never grow up.
    Why do I watch this stuff? I always liked Lisa VP and was curious, and then I got hooked. This bunch is all a bit looney. Then again Lisa’s requirements were looks first when it comes to her Sur employees, then everything else. She photographs them with nothing on. It is all about looks. Jax will keep getting plastic surgery and taking those “supplements” to keep his physique…whatever.

      1. I think those are from the working out. All of his muscles are amplified…even more so with help from his…most likely steroids. When he lifts weights and grits his teeth, he builds muscle in his jowls too. (Many lose their hair from some of the ‘roids too and look like Joe Gorga.)
        He is turning into the Hulk though he’s not green yet. Maybe some fillers are making him look fuller there too. I am pretty sure he uses BoTox too. What a mess of a guy!

        1. I agree with everything you have said! I remember when he was ill Stassi going to his flat and emptying everything down the sink! So yes to steroids and oh boy yes to Botox! His jowls are revolting!!!!!

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