Jax Taylor’s Father Has Died From Cancer

Jax Taylor recently revealed that his father was suffering from cancer, and on Thursday night he shared that his father, Ronald Cauchi, has died after battling stage IV cancer.

Taylor also took to Instagram to share a tribute to his dad.

Where do I begin… I lost the best man I knew yesterday, he was my best friend. I didn’t go a day with out texting him a pointless question that usually drove him nuts, but I know he loved it. My dad loved his family more than anything in the world he was the “perfect father” and wanted everyone to get along and be happy. Cancer took my dad at 61, way too soon but I have to hope and pray that god has a bigger plan for him. The two things other than his family he loved more than anything were Detroit redwings hockey and cars.. He was a simple man that didn’t speak much but when he did you listened. I’ll never forget the 5am hockey practices to windsor Canada on the weekends, the numerous hockey tournaments, and the little talks we had if I had a bad game. He was always there for every practice and every game. When I came to Florida to visit it was like seeing my best friend all the time, our countless fishing trips and pub crawls going to hockey games in tampa. “ drove him crazy cuz tampa would always beat Detroit” yes my parents lived in tampa but Detroit Michigan is my fathers home. My father never said one word that was negative, he helped so many people young and old…. I could go on and on. I love you dad, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, I am so proud to be your son. Don’t worry I’ll walk jenny down the isle this summer but we are gonna need your help from above bud. Last thing.. thank you dad, thank you for giving me everything I needed in life with out a question. I hope one day I can be half the father you are. Love you so much dad… ✝️ also thank you to my amazing “rock” my girlfriend Brittany, I couldn’t and can’t do any of this with out you. My father loved you so much as well, thank you for being who you are and for helping me deal with all this, you are my angel and you always will be. 😞 Thank you so so much to everyone who has reached out. I haven’t been in a place to respond to everyone but it means so much. #fuckcancer

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5 Replies to “Jax Taylor’s Father Has Died From Cancer”

  1. Always love ya’, Jax. I’m genuinely sorry for your loss. I usually make snappy comments when it comes to my housewives and VR’s gang, but I really do feel sad for you. On the other hand, thanks a lot for the spoiler alert before letting me know whether or not you and Brittany survived the Faith debacle. I hope there’s a better story ending to that episode but I mention this just to bring a little levity to the subject.

    Yes, Jax…levity, not brevity. I know you oft times question yourself on whether you’re using the right word or pronouncing it correctly. All the more to love about you. Wes (the jury’s in, I don’t really need to see him) will never take your place. You rule SUR…when you don’t blow off a shift or come in 3 hours late.

    Understand, I’m not taking this away from the story of your father, just trying to crack that smarmy grin you’re so good at.

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