Do Jax Taylor and Tom Schwartz Think Lisa Vanderpump is Manipulative?


Lisa Vanderpump has been called out for being “manipulative” this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and while she hasn’t gotten along with some of her cast mates, her SUR employees have been there to have her back. Scheana Shay and Katie Maloney have already spoken out to defend her and now Jax Taylor and Tom Schwartz are speaking out about the accusations that their boss is a manipulator.

“To me, it’s surprising because usually, the way I see Lisa is cool, calm, collected, the voice of reason. And to hear [her] in the trenches, it’s a surprise for me,” Tom told the Daily Dish.

Jax doesn’t keep up with Housewives, but thinks their drama is way different than Pump Rules. “It’s different in the world she lives in with the Housewives,” he said. “I don’t understand that world, the things they argue and fight about.”

“They’re worse than us, by the way. They fight more than us,” Tom agreed.

“I don’t know anything about manipulative people at all,” Jax joked before saying, “Like I said, I don’t really watch [RHOBH] that much, so I’m kind of clueless on it, but I don’t really see that happening.”

“I’ve never really seen her be manipulative, but I will say she has a way with words. She can win you over very easily with her words,” Tom explained. “[She’s] very convincing. She’s persuasive. And incredibly charming. Don’t get me started on Lisa.”

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8 Replies to “Do Jax Taylor and Tom Schwartz Think Lisa Vanderpump is Manipulative?”

        1. Oh yes yes yes !!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Sadly, we have to put up with the other goats on that show LOL! I’m willing to forgive Meghan if she plays nice with Shannon this season. As for the rest , I’ve seen their atrocious behavior way too many seasons to like or care about them lol. I hope the new HW (or 2) are watchable , but not holding my breath

          1. Fortunately on this franchise no one gets me going too badly. (This is a rare occurrence ha!) But boy do I love me some Shannon!!

  1. Please…all of these people are manipulated and controlled by Lisa…they are not equals free to speak their minds without repercussion…they were all broke nobodies trying to get noticed before VP…and now, LVP owns them.
    Ask Stassi…or Kristen how they feel.

  2. lol, what credibility do these 2 have? lol One of them is her employee and the other one is dating an employee too. She’ll never tell what they really think about LVP just because they’re getting the Bravo money. Let’s see if that is still what they say when the show ends ^^ Zero credibility to her employee. Also, none of her “friends” have come out and said that! Only employees, hahahaha, that’s weird and funny at the same time.

  3. It is a good point about Jax being her employee. But as far as Schwartz goes, he seems pretty ball-less and naive. He wouldn’t know if he was being manipulated or not. I think Lisa is manipulative of her Sur-vers. How about her trying to get Jax and Stassi back together? It’s just weird. She likes having her sur-vers to meddle with. It’s pretty obvious that she’s involved in her employees’ personal lives. They’re like her little dolls.

    I don’t see her actually being manipulative of the RHOBH ladies on the show, she could be, and the ladies seem to think she is. Who knows?

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