Jax Taylor Talks About His Differences With Brittany’s Mom Sherri

Jax Taylor was roasted on this week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules for his 37th birthday in front of his girlfriend Brittany Cartwright and her mother. During his appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Jax spoke out about Brittany’s mom’s reaction of the roast and more.

When asked if he will be marrying his girlfriend, Jax clarified, “We’ve been dating a year, so as of today, no. In the future, possibly, yes.”

As for Brittany’s mom Sherri wondering what Jax’s intentions with her daughter are, he said; “There are some topics that I’m a little bit on the fence about, but that’s part of being a mother. You want your daughter to be brought up a certain way and have certain routines and certain tendencies and certain traits. I agree with some, and I disagree with some, and we’re working on that because there’s a little bit of an issue with certain things,” Jax said. “Relationships need work and they need to make sure we find a happy medium, but I think you’re gonna see in the future how things are and I’ll leave it at that, because there’s just certain things that I’m on board with and there’s things that I’m not on board with, and I’ve got to find a happy medium with her family. They’re very religious, and they’re conservative. And that’s awesome. That’s amazing. I just come from a little bit different of a background.”

Jax called having Sherri attend the roast “brutal.” “I mean, out of all people you want at a roast, you don’t want your current girlfriend’s mother when all your ex-girlfriends are there roasting you, and your best friends, front row,” he said. “The whole time I go, ‘I don’t think this is a good idea. I kind of gave her a head’s up. She knows my past hasn’t been the best. I don’t regret anything. That’s just who I am, kind of deal with it. But I would’ve maybe not liked to have her there.”

But overall, Jax says Brittany’s family has welcomed him in with open arms. “I love Brittany’s family. They’re really great,” he gushed. “They are nothing but hospitable to me. They just take great care of me. They’re just country people, farmers, and they just feed me, feed me, feed me and just take really nice care of me… They just treat me like one of their own. So it’s really nice.”

And it sounds like Brittany’s family is supportive of her relationship with Jax and her journey on the show as well. “They thought it was really cool [that I’m on the show]. I mean the first two episodes of this season they were all super upset, but I think they’re already getting over it,” Brittany previously told The Daily Dish. “It was definitely hard for my family to watch, but they support me. They’re there for me, so they’ve got my back — no matter what.”

Having dinner at @surrules with my family 💕 it feels so good to have my Mom, Mamaw, & Dad in town! #family

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Nothing like having family in town 💙

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Do you think Jax and Brittany will last?

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  1. his bad track record with his ex girlfriends would make any parent cringe. it’s very hard to tame a wild horse. I see misery and heartache in her future if she stays with Jax. he should not be in a serious relationship with anyone. he’s too self absorbed.

  2. Whoops sorry the main topic…no I would never even bring Jax home to my parents when I was younger. But then I did bring one or two that were bad boys for sure but they hid it well.

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