How Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder Rekindled Their Friendship


It’s no secret that Vanderpump Rules stars Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder have quite the past, but recently the two have been able to have a friendly relationship and have let bygones be bygones. So how have they managed to do that?

“It’s actually great. I feel like Stassi and I have been really cool. No one would have ever thought that, because the last five years have been pretty tough on us,” Jax told The Daily Dish. “And I think we’re at a place now that we kind of came full circle. We can kind of realize who we are. We can make fun of each other now. We can kind of let it go; it’s been so many years. I think we just click. We laugh at each other’s jokes. She’s a great girl. She’s very smart. She’s very intelligent and she’s a good person.”

Both Jax and Stassi have moved on. While Taylor is dating his girlfriend Brittany Cartwright, Stassi is currently enjoying the single life. So what kind of man does Jax think can handle his ex?

“She’s a firecracker,” he said. “It’s gonna take a certain kind of human being to date her.”

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I do not like Jax…. period. He is nasty boyfriend and a nasty friend. He has screwed around on all girlfriends…. has screwed his bf’s girl… how low can you go Jax.

Stassi let go once she realized that Jax is at least bi and that his womanizing is a cover up routine LOL 🙂

Yep…. lol .. I agree. I truly believe they need a new cast.

Well Rain…. are we the only two that watch Vanderpump Rules!!!!

No others wAtch too lol. I know Sandy and 3Ds watch for sure ❤️❤️

Sorry it’s on here but I can’t watch it’s too much like TOWIE which is the British version.xxxxx

Never heard of Towie Suze 🙂 do you watch the Ladies of London? I don’t watch it and don’t know if it’s any good

It was good LofL but I think it’s finished now or are they making more? TOWIE is The only way is Essex and it’s lots of obnoxious young people reminds me of VPRules.

Oh ok lol

No, you guys are not alone, I watch too. The Jax and Stassi story just seemed boring compared to other storylines that are going on now. I’m not really digging Ariana as much anymore and I (like others on this blog), feel a little bad for Tom Swartz when he gets dragged into girl drama by Katie. Hopefully their relationship is exaggerated for TV, but it might just be real considering the reality of Scheena and Shay’s relationship status. No one on this show is more delusional of their self worth then James.

I think I read that Ladies of London was renewed… never watched but I will give it a try if it is renewed. At this point I only watch Beverly Hills, Orange County and New York, along with Vanderpump rules…. I did watch the Miami housewives. Watched a couple of Dallas and didn’t like the ladies.. plus if I watch them all I would get nothing done. Bad enough I spend half my day on the computer.

Yes the second season of Ladies of London started a few weeks ago! I only watched OC and RHOBH but this was my last season of OC unless major firings occur

Cin and Rain, thanks a lot! I will look for it and watch!

I have never watched it suze so tell me what you think

I watched the old shows and I really like it. Hope it’s the same, I didn’t like Caprice when she was in it.

Suze–you need to catch up then. Caprice was gone all last season, and not on this season (3) either…

Yes I think I’ve seen them all apart from this season I was just mentioning Caprice in case Rain went back to watch earlier seasons. Is Caroline Stanbury still in it? I really don’t like her either!

HI Suze, I didn’t like Caprice either but she was good for bitchy storylines. I actually liked that other girl from the first season (the one marrying the guy with famous divorce ) but she never came back. I watched the new premiere and it was good but very contrived with the ongoing fight between Caroline & Jules. Juliet was one of my favorites every season but I’m not that crazy about her now, and her obsession to kiss Caroline’s ass.

Oh no is she still doing that? I really dislike Caroline even though she only lived down the road from our last house. (Maybe that’s why! lol). I must try and watch it normally it starts here a couple of weeks after you get it. I have downloaded something now that should help as I wanted to see BH on time rather than a week later! it was really sad about Noel’s Reno, something very fishy about her fiancé and his death! Xxxxx

Suze, what did you mean about Noelle’s Reno? Thanks for the reminder of her name. Do you mean that you lived near Caroline’s house in Surrey? I liked Caroline in the beginning, but I started seeing a different side of her during that New Year’s Eve party and her siding up with Sophie & the other Caroline…like they were better than the Americans. I still love the show & you will too. Wait until you see the story about Marissa and having her 3rd baby. It was scary and heartfelt, but it has a happy ending.

Wow, I just looked this story up on the UK Daily Mail. I had no idea her fiancé killed himself….but you never know since he owed so much money. Pretty sad.