Jax Taylor Slimmed Down Feeling, “Like My Old Self Again”

Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor says he is feeling “like my old self again” after getting back into the gym and staying committed, which we all know commitment is hard for Mr. Taylor.

Jax shared a photo on Twitter saying “Started at 225 down to 198 now it’s time to shred and lean/dry out!!!”


Jax is even offering advice to fans saying, “I am the last person you should take advice from but I gotta say if your [you’re] fortunate enough to have a few days off a week, take one of those days for yourself, no dinner party’s [parties], events, dates, bars, social media. just you! I gotta say it feels good to check in with yourself once in a while. It’s okay to say no to plans and make a date with yourself.”


Jax has been adding many photos of himself in the gym recently as well.

What do you think of Jax’s slender look?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • RealSandy

    It’s okay that he is slimmer, however, he is looking a little too thin/unhealthy. Maybe it is because I have never seen him without the bulky, muscular look. As long as he is healthy and happy, good for him. Maybe he quit those (alleged ) anabolic steroids…or so it may appear.
    It is about time he grew up and matured, anyway. He is certainly someone who is not admirable, based on his past (crime, disrespectful nature, etc.) but hopefully he will begin to redeem himself…somehow?

  • Ashley Madison

    His boyfriend must be happy

    • 80s gal

      lol. buff and trim Jax…I smell an affair coming up. keep a close watch on him Brittany, an even MORE confidant and conceited Jax spells bad news.

      • Sam Sham

        What she said.