Jax Taylor Says Lisa Vanderpump Needed a Break From Bravo

Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor is finally sharing his thoughts about Lisa Vanderpump leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after having a rough last season with her co-stars involving #puppygate.

Most of Lisa’s SUR crew have already commented on the reality star’s decision to leave the show. Kristen Doute even made a statement that she’s getting along with Lisa better now that Vanderpump is less stressed.

Speaking to HollywoodLife, Jax says Lisa made “the best decision” by leaving the show she’s been a part of since the first season.

”I don’t watch The Real Housewives, but I know Lisa, and Lisa’s very close to me — and we’ve had some personal conversations on how I deal with certain situations on Vanderpump and how she deals with certain situations,” he shared. “Sometimes, she only comes to me. Not always, but she has come to me for advice.”

Taylor continued to explain why he believes Vanderpump made the right decision. “I think leaving Housewives was the best decision, considering what she’s gone through with her family. She’s had two big losses, her brother and her mother. That’s a lot to deal with. In what, two years?”, he said, adding, “And, then just to deal with all the drama from the women, I think it’s time to just step back for a little bit and reassess the situation. Less stress, you’re not getting any younger, you know and stress kills. I think, I’m very happy that she stepped down, if she decides to go back, that’s amazing, but she definitely needed a break.”

Lisa’s mother, Jean Vanderpump, 84, passed away at the end of June. Her passing came just 17 months after Lisa lost her brother Mark Vanderpump, who committed suicide in April 2018.

Jax revealed how Lisa has changed since leaving RHOBH. “She’s a lot more calmer and less stressed,” he noted, adding, “These shows — I love being on them and these guys are my friends, but they’re very, very, very stressful. I know people say, ‘Oh poor you,’ and this and that, but they are very stressful. You know when you have people coming at you all at once, they don’t like you, or this and that, you can literally lose sleep.”


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