Jax Taylor Saw Scheana Shay’s Divorce Coming

As many fans were shocked to hear the news of Vanderpump Rules star Scheana and Mike Shay were getting divorced. There was one person in particular, Jax Taylor, that had a feeling the couple were heading toward a divorce.

“I thought it would happen sooner. I kind of knew that Scheana and Shay was gonna end. I hate to say that because I love Scheana very much, and I do, I love Shay, I think he’s a great guy, but [they were] just polar opposite,” Jax recently told The Daily Dish. “I feel like Scheana’s in a lot better place now.”

Jax believes that Scheana’s desire to be married took over her rational judgment. “I think she just loved the idea of marriage so much that she just wanted to get married when there were so many red flags,” he explained. “She was in love, she wanted to get married, she thought [marrying] her high school sweetheart would be the thing to do, and it wasn’t.”

Jax continued. “I hate talking about it. It makes me feel bad, and I’m not even getting divorced,” he said. “She’s handling it really well though. She’s got some good support. It just sucks. It really does. And I feel bad for her. It makes me sad.”

Jax even mentioned that since the divorce he hasn’t even spoken with Mike. “I honestly haven’t talked to Shay since everything has gone down,” he said. “He’s kind of eliminated himself from the group.”

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3 Replies to “Jax Taylor Saw Scheana Shay’s Divorce Coming”

  1. Jax you air head moron……. it’s NONE of your business. SHUT THE F UP. Wait until you and Brit are going through your divorce ( and it will happen) you will be pissed when other people discuss your private matters. Take your greasy ass back to Michigan….. learn some manners.

    1. agreed. if he is so intuitive then he should know that he should NEVER marry Brittney. I agree, if those 2 marry, they will be divorced in no time. poor Brittney, she’s wasting her time being with this narcissist.

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