Jax Taylor Reveals Why Scheana Shay Blocked Him on Twitter

We all know that Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor knows how to create drama, so when Jax appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Monday evening he gave an update as to why Scheana Shay blocked him on Twitter.

“We made up. That was last week, so talk to me next week,” Jax joked. “We kind of went through a little tiff. I kind of was hungover. When I’m drunk, I kind of text everybody the next morning and kind of go on a tangent, and I did that, and I kind of went off on her. But yeah, we’re fine now. We made up.”

Scheana moments later then confirmed that Jax no longer blocked.

Interesting to finally know what the problem was. What do you think? Comment below.

Photo Credit: Bravo