Jax Taylor Reveals His Dad Has Cancer

Jax Taylor just announced that his father, Ronald Cauchi, is battling cancer. “Yes cancer f*cking sucks, watching my father go through this is killing me. Prayers to all the families that have to deal with this awful disease,” he wrote on Twitter, adding, “I don’t wish this this disease on my worst enemy. #f*ckcancer watching your loved ones battle while I sit and watch is the worst feeling.”

Jax didn’t give any further details about his father’s condition, but he did open up about his family in a prior interview.

“[My sister, Jenny, is the] totally opposite,” he shared with The Daily Dish. “She’s a good person. She works extremely hard. She’s the type of person that needs to know where her paycheck’s gonna be. She needs to plan. She’s the polar opposite of me. She’s like my father. She wants to be like me; she just doesn’t have it. My mother [Marie] and I are the same.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jax and his family.

Photo Credit: Instagram