Jax Taylor Quits SUR On Season Finale of Vanderpump Rules

During the season six finale of Vanderpump Rules, Jax Taylor quit is job at SUR when Lisa Vanderpump suggested he resign following his public outburst that involved him giving Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd, the finger and telling them to “F*ck off.”

ICYMI, here’s how everything went down.


When Jax finally sat down with Lisa, he confessed, “I really am sorry. I’ve ruined everybody’s life. I have. I don’t know what to do anymore.”

Lisa was determined to make Jax accountable, firing back,“Grow the f*ck up.” She then explained that she didn’t want to fire Jax because it would give him the satisfaction of being a “victim.” She added, “Why don’t you hand me your f*cking resignation.”

Jax agreed to do so.


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