Jax Taylor Opens A Restaurant


Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor is entering into the restaurant business! That’s right, the SUR bartender opened his own restaurant, NOW, in Ventura, California earlier this month and is talking to Bravo about his new business venture.

“I just bought a restaurant, so I’m an investor with two other guys. It’s an Italian restaurant/lounge. It kind of resembles PUMP, but it’s got some TVs, so it’s a sports bar as well,” he shared. “That’s going to take up a lot of my time. That’s a really big deal. It’s my first thing I’ve ever owned.”

“I’ve learned what not to do. I’ve been such a, probably, s***ty employee that now I know what to look for in employees,” Jax said. “But it’s something that I own, so I’m going to take pride in it. I take pride in working at SUR and working at PUMP, but this is something that’s mine and I’m really excited about it. I feel like I’ve accomplished something.”

“I didn’t [ask Lisa for any advice]. I learned everything I could from Lisa, Ken, and [co-owner] Guillermo, and I kind of went to the war room with my buddy who also worked at PUMP [as] a manager, so we kind of just put our money together and opened a restaurant.”

“The whole idea is were going to open like five of them. So it’ll be like NOW Ventura, NOW Santa Monica, NOW West Hollywood,” he said, adding that he’d love to someday employ SUR manager Peter Madrigal. “He’s just got great work ethic. He’s very strong. He’s a good employee, good guy,” Jax explained. “Everyone loves Peter.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Melodie

    Oh God Really? He can choose the employees then he can have his pick of who he is going to sleep with. He is so gross

  • Sally

    I’m sure Lisa is thrilled he would like to employ Peter! I don’t think I,would like to eat there just from knowing he was part owner. He always looks dirty and his hamster jowls look as though they store food! My comment has nothing at all to do with the other story today, just from looking at Jax over the seasons.

  • Amazonmel

    I wonder if he will steal from his own business like he does at Sur!


    Oh please. Not sure this guy has ever put in a hard day’s work in his entire life.

  • Jody

    Jax, that’s wonderful. I know you’ll be successful. This is very exciting. Best to you. Jody

  • Sharon

    Yikes! I live in Ventura. Thanks for the warning, allthingsrh.com…

  • EML

    You know there is more to the story. I doubt his ownership % is high.

    • Jody

      Jac is one of three investors so he owns one-third of the business. Good for him.

      • Krista

        Just because you are “one of three investors” doesn’t mean you each own a third. Maybe Jax put in a little money (he has money?) and the other two put in a lot and Jax owns 1%.